Where the booster vaccination is already available – and how long you have to wait

Booster vaccinations to protect against the coronavirus have been around for a few months.

So far, 1.5 million people have received a booster vaccination, as confirmed by the Robert Koch Institute.

In most cases it is a third vaccination. However, if those entitled to the vaccination have received the vector-based COVID-19 vaccine Janssen from Johnson & Johnson, then an additional vaccination with the mRNA vaccine from the Comirnaty vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer or Spikevax (Vaccine Moderna) applies as a second vaccination and at the same time as a booster .

Who can get a booster vaccination now?

The Standing Vaccination Commission generally recommends booster vaccinations for German citizens aged 70 and over. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there are around 13 million people in Germany who are 70 and older.

In addition, the booster vaccination is advisable for

  • Residents of care facilities,
  • Nursing and medical staff with direct patient contact,
  • all German citizens who received the Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson,
  • all German citizens who received the Vaxzevria vaccine from AstraZeneca,
  • Vaccinated persons with severe immunodeficiency and their close contact persons,
  • People who have received a vaccine dose of a vector vaccine (Janssen from Johnson & Johnson and Vaxzevria from Astrazeneca) following coronavirus infection.

The family doctor can also recommend a booster vaccination.

When is the booster vaccination available for everyone?

Overall, corona booster vaccinations are well received, according to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV).

“The feedback so far shows that the interest in booster vaccinations according to the Stiko recommendation is quite large,” said a spokesman. It is recommended to take the vaccination according to the recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko).

“Overall, the supply of vaccines is sufficient. There are now enough vaccines available so that anyone who wants to be vaccinated can do so promptly.”

According to a report in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, every German citizen can receive a booster vaccination. “According to the vaccination ordinance, a booster vaccination is possible for anyone who was vaccinated more than six months ago,” explains a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health. Unlike the vaccination ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Health, the recommendation by Stiko is not a legal basis.

This was changed at the end of September. This means that everyone can receive a booster vaccination, provided that the intervals of six months are observed.

Case study: Anyone who received the status “fully vaccinated” through two vaccinations in July 2021 can get a booster vaccination in January 2022 at the earliest.

Where can I get the booster vaccination?

Almost all federal states have dismantled the vaccination centers introduced in winter 2020.

Only Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Hesse and Thuringia want to continue with a small number for the time being. There are also mobile vaccination teams throughout Germany. Vaccination appointments can be arranged by the health insurance company on call 116 117.

Most medical practices continue to carry out corona vaccinations. Possible appointments are then with the family doctor, with the ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT practice), with general practitioners, internists or paediatricians.

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