where to download it and how to know if it can be used

Here are some sites from which to download music for YouTube.

Music for YouTube must meet certain requirements. The most important is to have permission to use it in the videos.

Do you need music for your YouTube videos? So, what we tell you here interests you. This is a compilation in which we recommend the best sites for download royalty free music. Likewise, we analyze the necessary requirements to use a piece of music within a video and upload it without any kind of restrictions.

All of the platforms we discuss in this guide offer you a vast library of tracks and sounds to add to your creations. They are the best websites to download free music and use it on YouTube. Once you’ve downloaded any of the songs they offer, you can add it to your favorite video editor or the online mixing console you use to create a remix. What you prefer.

Best websites to download free music for YouTube

On the Internet there are many platforms from which to download free music without copyright. We generally refer to them as royalty free music banks. All these tracks can be uploaded to YouTube, either for own videos or for accounts that you manage.

The best websites to download free music for YouTube are these:

  • YouTube Audio Library
  • Incompetech
  • Epidemic Sound
  • FreeMusicArchive
  • Free Music Public Domain

YouTube Audio Library

Free music for YouTube: where to download it and how to know if it can be used

The YouTube Audio Library is a sure hit. The music that appears in it is of quality and ready to be added to any video

The YouTube Audio Library is a bank of music and sound effects that you can use in your videos. It is offered by the company itself with a very flexible license, since it allows the tracks to be included in monetized videos without the need for attributions. Before taking advantage of some of these tracks, make sure of the license requirements, as these could differ from one song to another.


Incompetech has a royalty-free music section. You can download it at no additional cost to your computer and add it to your videos without having problems with the YouTube copyright detector. Now, when you download some of these tracks, a message appears asking you to attribute the author. Normally, the creations on this website come with a Creative Commons license.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound offers a wide selection of songs, although a subscription is required in order to download them. The monthly subscription is quite cheap and can be included in monetized videos. Once you have signed up, all downloads will be included and you will not have to pay anything to use the music offered on this website.


FreeMusicArchive is another of those pages from which you can download music for free. Each author selects the type of license that he wishes for his song. This means that, before adding any of these songs to your videos, it is best to review what you can and cannot do with them. Before downloading, they include a button to connect with the artist, in case you need different conditions.

Free Music Public Domain

Free Music Public Domain categorizes all their songs to make it easier for you to find the one that fits your video. It is possible to download all the songs for free and select the most convenient license. In the case of YouTube videos, it is enough to do it under the Creative Commons license.

Requirements to upload music to YouTube

woman listening to music

Listening to music in your living room is not the same as adding it to a video and monetizing it. Therefore, it is crucial to know the requirements and licenses to upload music to YouTube

The music, videos and images that you find on the Internet are protected by a series of user licences. Depending on the license that weighs on the multimedia file that you want to use in your YouTube video, you must do one thing or another.

Does that mean you can add any song in your videos? Technically, yes, but as long as you comply with the requirements of its license. And as you will see below, that is not always easy. Let’s see some examples of licenses that you should know about:

  • Commercial copyrighted song. This group includes the works of famous and not so famous artists. Any song that has been recorded by a group or singer is protected by copyright and cannot be added to a video right off the bat. However, there is the possibility of asking the author of the song for permission and that he grant it to you. That may be feasible if it is a local artist, but practically impossible if we are talking about national or international singers or bands. In practice, using a copyrighted song is not impossible, but it is quite complicated.
  • Creative Commons Licenses. Some songs are protected by the Creative Commons license. The author’s requirements may vary, being more or less restrictive. For example, a piece of music might be CC licensed and require attribution, meaning that you cite the author in the video or in the description. Other CC licenses allow music for everyone, as they are in the public domain. Finally, there are CC licenses that prohibit modification of the music track. If you are going to use a song with a Creative Commons license, the ideal thing is that you inform yourself well of your obligations.
  • Music without rights for personal use only. Another very frequent case is the free license, but only in a personal sphere. This can be a real problem when your intention is to monetize the content. Be careful in this regard! Some sites may advertise themselves as free music download sites, but limit the tracks they offer if they are to generate commercial content.
  • free music. They are songs that you can freely use in any project, whether personal or commercial. They do not have a restrictive license, you do not need to cite the author and each track is completely free to download. This is the most recommended type of music for YouTube, since it ensures that you will not have any problems with copyright.

You should keep in mind that all of the above applies to any song that plays in your video, regardless of whether it comes from the edited audio track or from another source. For example, someone could pop up on screen and play a copyrighted song from a mobile phone, without adding the track to the edit. This act can also have consequences for your content.