where to find cheaper masks?

Wearing a mask is becoming more widespread. In closed public places, outdoors and soon in business: you have to mask yourself. This health measure quickly costs the French, who had to add a new line in their budget. On average, the association 60 million consumers estimated in May at more than 100 € per month this expenditure for a couple with children … and since that date, the needs have increased.

Since a decree, published in early May, the price of surgical masks is capped at 95 cents per unit, at least until January 10, 2021. It is therefore necessary to count, at most, € 47.50 for a box of 50 masks. But, the prices start to drop, especially in supermarkets. Why ? Because, to prepare for a potential second wave, they have built up large stocks in order to anticipate, and avoid, all the situations that could lead to a new shortage. They can therefore wait a little longer, have them delivered by boat, and negotiate more advantageous rates.

At Auchan Drive, Chronodrive, Carrefour or Intermaché, for example, prices have already almost halved. It is now possible to buy a box of 50 masks for 25 €. Or 0.50 centimes per coin. Same story on the side of Leclerc Drive, where the 10 surgical masks are sold at 5 €.

Beware of too tempting offers

On the internet, you can find even lower prices. On Amazon, for example, there are packs of 50 masks for € 15.99, which seem to comply, a “limited time offer”, specifies the site. There are also a plethora of other affordable offers. But be careful to ensure that they comply with European standards
: « the advertisement must mention the standard NF EN 14683, corresponding to that of a single-use medical device
»Says Capital.

To reduce the bill a bit, you can also go through online drugstores. The DoctiPharma site offers, for example, a pack of 50 surgical masks for € 12. For its part, the 1001Pharmacies site sells 50 masks for € 20. Pharmamarket sells packs of 50 masks at 12 €, currently sold out. For these sites, you must add the price of shipping costs.

But beware of too tempting offers. In some Boulonnais markets, you can find masks at 20 cents. An offer too good to be true. After expertise by pharmacists, they are in fact industrial masks, which help filter dust, smoke and pollen … and no surgical masks that filter the virus. If in doubt, it is best to read the box carefully to make sure there is no mistake on the merchandise.



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