Where was the winning Euromillions ticket validated?

Where was the winning Euromillions ticket validated? -Parkers Legacy

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Where was the winning Euromillions ticket validated?

Just over a month after the record winnings in the history of the European lottery, a winning ticket to 162 million has been validated in the country. With 114 jackpot winners, France joins England as the luckiest country in this game launched in 2004.27 Nov 2021

Where was the 162 million earned?

The player who won the jackpot of 162,289,050 euros at the end of November lives in the Southeast and now plans to brew his own beer.16 Dec 2021

Who won 162 million euros?

He now brews astronomical sums: the winner of the Euromillions jackpot of 162 million, won at the end of November, is a beer lover from the south-east of France, announced Thursday, the Française des jeux (FDJ). Dec 16, 2021

Which region for the Euromillion winner?

A new millionaire is now in the Pays-de-la-Loire region. The next Euromillions draw will take place on Friday 31 December, with a jackpot of 17 million euros at stake.29 Dec 2021

Who won 220 million?

Euromillions: what we know about the young Polynesian who won 220 million euros. The winner who won 220 million euros in mid-October, the biggest jackpot in the history of Euromillions, is a young Polynesian who was playing for the first time.Nov 27, 2021

Who won the Euromillions of October 15, 2021?

It’s historic. A Frenchman won the pot of 220 million euros put into play this Friday, October 15 by the FDJ. The latter ticked the 5 correct numbers as well as the 2 lucky stars which were as follows: 21 – 26 – 31 – 34 – 49, as well as 2 and 5.15 Oct 2021

Where was the 220 million Euromillions won?

220 million euros or 26 billion Pacific francs. This is the extraordinary sum won by a young woman on the island of Tahiti, the biggest win in the history of Euromillions.Nov 27, 2021

Who won Euromillions 2021?

To win the last jackpot of the year 2021 of the Euromillions, you had to bet on the following combination, recalls L’Union: 7 22 25 43 49, as well as the two lucky stars 6 and 7. A Frenchman succeeded on Friday December 31st. He pockets the jackpot of 17,571,602 euros exactly. Jan 1, 2022

Who won the million euros?

A Frenchman won 79.4 million euros in the Euromillions draw on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. A resident of Pays de la Loire also won a million euros thanks to the code My Million.29 Dec 2021

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