Entertainment Where you come across magical places in Asia: monasteries,...

Where you come across magical places in Asia: monasteries, grottos, tombs


Whether Goa in India, Chang Mai in Thailand or Osaka in Japan – getting to destinations near these major Asian cities is never far. The book "The 900 best short trips around the world's metropolises", which was recently published by Bruckmann Verlag, makes you want to go on excursions when you are already on the go.

Anyone who is currently in one of the Asian mega-cities, lives there, works, or goes on vacation should know that it is worth leaving the beaten path. By train, bus or car you can easily reach the destinations suggested in the book.

But the tips are not just about historic destinations in Asia. The spectrum ranges from prehistoric sites and towns with magnificent cathedrals, through forests, vineyards to cultural events and exuberant festivals in spectacular landscapes on all continents.

Tips for five continents

The structure of the new publication is very simple: Based on the geographical division from Africa to South America, the suggestions can be found quickly in the more than 300-page reference book.

Here are some examples: If you have some free time in Beijing, you can raft in a picturesque gorge after a short drive, visit temples from the Jin era or hike along the Great Wall.

From Los Angeles, too, the distances to places worth seeing are only short: for example to the desert oasis of Palm Springs, to Joshua Tree National Park with its distinctive palm trees and rocks, to the spiritual wellness center Ojai in the mountains or by boat to the offshore island kingdom of Catalina Iceland.

On the following pages of the photo gallery above, we show ten of 900 tips: world-famous historical places near major cities in Asia.

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