“wherever”… Korean woman in her 30s went missing while traveling with her boyfriend

picture explanation(From left) Gabby Pettito, who was found dead more than a month after she went on a trip with her fiance, and Lauren Jo, a Korean woman from New Jersey who is currently missing. [사진 = NBC 뉴욕 사진 캡처]

A Korean woman in her 30s from New Jersey has been missing for more than three months, and the police have launched an investigation. In the US media, voices of self-confidence are coming out that the number of reports on ‘people of color’ has increased only after the disappearance and murder of a white woman, Petito.

(Local time on the 30th of last month) According to NBC New York and others, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office in California launched an extensive search to find Lauren Cho, who went missing in the Yucca Valley area at the end of June.

According to the media, Lauren Cho disappeared after making her last appearance on Hoopa Road in the Morongo Valley, San Verdino, near Palm Springs, California, on June 29, around 4 p.m. Cho is about 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and has tattoos on his left shoulder, under his collarbone, and on the inside of his right arm. He was wearing a yellow T-shirt and short jeans at the time of his disappearance.

She and her boyfriend Cody Orrell, whom she met in New Jersey, have been staying at a friend’s house in Yucca Valley since December last year. disappeared after walking. Cho is said to have not carried a cell phone, wallet, water or food with him.

Jo’s family has opened a Facebook account called ‘Missing Person: Lauren Jo’ in August and uploaded photos and physical characteristics of him to find witnesses.

After graduating from Hunterdon Central High School in 2009, Lauren Cho, a taekwondo black belt holder, majored in music education at Westminster Choir College. Loren Jo, who traveled west with Orrell last winter, had plans to run a food truck.

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Cho’s family said, “I can’t believe that Lauren disappeared,” saying, “Lauren was having a happy day with her dream of starting a business.”

Meanwhile, Cho’s disappearance is drawing attention again through social media compared to the case of Gabby Pettito, a 22-year-old white woman from Long Island, who was recently found dead while on a camping trip to the West.

Petitto also went on a camping trip around the United States in southern Florida in June, and posted on social media the daily life of his trip with fiancée Brian Londry, 23, but suddenly lost contact with his family at the end of August. Petito was found dead on the 19th of last month in northwestern Wyoming. Police have yet to apprehend Londry, the prime suspect.

Cho’s acquaintances pointed out, “All the media in the United States reported the disappearance of a white woman in her 20s as major news, but they are not paying attention to the missing persons of color.”

According to the Washington Post, Fox News has focused on the Petito case 398 times, CNN 346 times, and MSNBC 100 times in the past week. In response, Gwen Ipil, a former black female anchor for PBS on a public broadcaster in the United States, called it the ‘missing white woman syndrome’ and criticized the media’s behavior. “It makes me wonder why people of color don’t get the media attention when people of color go missing,” said Joy Reid, a black female anchor at MSNBC.

The New York Times wrote in a column that “all missing persons should be treated equally.

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