Which 5 countries? Where “Prayut” said “low risk”

Combined COVID-19 situation and disease control in countries where Prayut said in a statement on Oct. 11 that it was a “low-risk country” that could enter Thailand without quarantine. If the full dose of vaccination

After Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, made a statement on October 11, stated that the country will continue to open From the 1st of this month onwards

Persons who have completed the complete dose of COVID-19 vaccination travel to Thailand by air. from low-risk countries no need to detain but must have a test result for covid by RT-PCR method from the country of origin and check again when arriving in Thailand There are at least 10 low-risk countries such as the UK, Singapore, Germany, China and the United States.

information from website worldometers.info Reported the number of new cases of COVID-19 on Oct. 12 for countries where the prime minister gave an example. “Low risk” as follows:

“England” has 40,224 new cases (data 12 Oct. 64)

British leader announces release of lockdown and has plans to coexist with COVID-19 by canceling the compulsion to wear a mask relax keeping distance Allowing businesses to resume normal operations It also allows people to return to work in the workplace. While there is still an epidemic of COVID-19 while in winter The British government has a way of controlling the outbreak mainly through the use of vaccines.

Meanwhile, on October 11, the United Kingdom removed “Thailand” from the Red List, or countries at high risk from the spread of COVID-19. by those who received the full dose of the vaccine as approved by the UK Will be able to travel to England without quarantine as well.

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“Singapore” infected with 2,263 new cases (data 12 Oct. 64)

Singapore government announces long-term coexistence with COVID-19, easing measures moving forward to open the country and drive the economy which during the last weekend The Singapore government has announced that it is accepting full-dose vaccinations from Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. enter the country without quarantine But will use the test 2 times instead from this November onwards

It also announced a travel match with South Korea. After trying to accept tourists from Germany and Brunei. when during the month last Sep.

While 83 percent of the population has received the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Singapore has the highest vaccination rates. 3 months or up to 6 months

“Germany” has 4,872 new cases (12 Oct. 64)

Nearly 54.27 million people in Germany have received complete doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, bringing the country’s vaccination rate to a low level. 65.3 percent

Recently, the German government has stopped testing services for COVID-19. free of charge Since 11 Oct. Because there is a free vaccine available to people in the country.

“China” infected with 12 new cases (data 12 Oct. 64)

for the COVID-19 situation In China, that’s quickly unraveling. from the continuous implementation of strict disease control measures until the rate of new infections decreased

While there is information from the Chinese authorities that Vaccination covers 70 percent of the entire country’s population. However, the Chinese government still measures travel restrictions. especially cross-border travel

“USA” infected 50,466 new people (data 12 Oct. 64)

Although the United States continues to see new infections, the US government’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, said the number of infections has declined. But there are still many Americans who are not vaccinated.

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At the same time the United States Will allow foreigners vaccinated against COVID-19 Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (CDC) or vaccines on the list of vaccines approved for emergency use only by the World Health Organization. It is therefore considered eligible for entry into the United States.

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