Which artichokes to eat for heart, osteoporosis, arthritis and high blood sugar? Incredible

Artichokes to eat for the heart, osteoporosis, arthritis and high blood sugar must have dark green outer leaves. The internal ones must be clear and tender. Little internal beard and tender and not bruised stem.

Are artichokes good for the heart?

They are rich in protective antioxidants. They contain luteolein, an antioxidant active against cardiovascular diseases. This flavonoid prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, which reduces the risk of thickening of the arteries, which are responsible, among other things, for heart attacks. Artichoke extract can help reduce cholesterol levels. The sterols contained in artichokes, a substance with a structure very similar to that of cholesterol, inhibits its absorption in the intestine. They are recommended for those with high blood sugar.

Are artichokes good for osteoporosis?

Artichokes are one of the best foods for acquiring vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. These minerals are essential parts for increasing bone health and density while reducing the chances of conditions such as osteoporosis. According to research, agave, the plant from which tequila is made, contains a compound that could help fight osteoporosis. Fructan helps the body absorb more calcium from food, helping to improve bone tissue. The discovery could lead to the development of new foods rich in fructans.

Are artichokes good for arthritis?

Artichokes help eliminate liquids and with them toxins and mainly uric acid. It is recommended for those suffering from joint and circulatory diseases. They have diuretic properties, eliminate water retention and toxins from the body, which is why they are suitable for treating gout disorders, arthritis, liver disease, circulatory problems and to reduce fat in case of obesity. They relieve stomach discomfort and there are even studies showing that, thanks to the caffeic and pantothenic acids and flavonoids they contain, they help prevent some types of cancer.

Do artichokes help those with blood sugar?

They have a large amount of carbohydrates in the form of inulin. It is a type of fiber capable of lowering the blood sugar level. Prevents the absorption of carbohydrates. Inulin is metabolized as fructose instead of glucose. Doing so is good for your blood sugar. Here are the minerals that artichokes provide:

  • Potassium.
  • Ferro.
  • Magnesium.
  • Football.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Copper.
  • Zinc.