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After seven episodes singer mask 3, Papillon ultimately won the Grand Finals against Deer and Banana. But which star was hiding under this costume? Discover his identity…

The finale of the 3rd season of Mask Singer has made its decision! In TF1 this Friday evening, a deer, a butterfly and a butterfly competed to try to succeed Larusso (Season 2, Penguin) and Laurence Boccolini (Season 1, Unicorn). The jury quartet made up of Anggun, Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams and Jarry, facing Camille Combal, therefore carried out its latest investigations to dispel the final suspicions. And at the end of the grand finale, it’s over Papillon that he took!

Who hid in Mask Singer’s butterfly costume?

But then after Alain Bernard (hermit crab), Sylvie Tellier (chameleon), Maud Fontenoy (coral fish), Yves Camdeborde (pig), Marc Antoine Le Bret (tiger and crocodile), Pierre Palmade (astronaut) or even Gilbert Montagne (Fruit), which celebrity hid under this butterfly costume? It must be said that her elegance and ease in dancing gave us serious advice. As well as dozens of clues issued to establish his identity. A card with two hearts, a lit candle, his declared desire for victory, his role as an actor alongside Leonardo Dicaprio, a photo of Will Smith… Or this butterfly.monarch. Maybe that’s why I got crowned“had launched the star.

Icon Dancing with the stars wins Mask Singer!

If researchers alternately cite Internet users (such as Clara Morgane, Virginie Hocq, Valérie Bègue, or Virginie Ledoyen) Tele-Leisure) thought quickly Denitsa Ikonomov. Prediction of victory! Yes, she’s an iconic dancer Dancing with the stars who just won the 3rd season singer mask. He even joined the jury dance performance TF1 last September with Chris Marques, François Alu and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Explanation of Mask Singer’s advice on Denitsa Ikonomova

Here are some tips on how to do this: Denitsa Ikonomov alight Countries with Leonardo DiCaprio. The candle evoked his memorable appearance Lustre (Sia) with Loic Nottet in DALS. His coronation and his desire for victory reflect his four successes of the year Dancing with the stars. Finally, the photo of Will Smith evoked an excerpt from a film directed by Denitsa Ikonomova live action Aladdin (Disney) with an American star Guest-star.

TF1 screenshot