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Original title: These sweaters in several colors, which one can make the girl stare at you

Although the beginning of winter has passed, for most of the friends in the south, it may be considered as the beginning of autumn, and clothes that are too thick cannot be worn temporarily. Facing the cold weather, shirts and sweaters have already been worn. greasy.

If you just want some freshness, Ye Ye suggested that you can consider sweaters at this time.

Simple sweaters have the same “lazy attributes”. You don’t have to go out when you sleep in a hurry, or you don’t have to relax on weekends. You can easily go out of the street with a set of sweaters as long as you have a neat pair of pants. .

Of course, the sweater itself is classic enough, and there is nothing unusual and trendy to say, but if we change the color, it feels different immediately.

On its own, sweaters are plain and unremarkable, without style and style, and cannot highlight the characteristics of a man’s temperament, so it is not considered an “advantage single product.”

To make it eye-catching, color is the detail we can start with.

Because this is its most powerful expression element, it should be more flexible and convenient to choose compared with other design elements such as sweater lines or patterns.

It’s a pity that most men tend to be calm and dignified when thinking about sweater colors, with only two colors: black and blue. Indeed, they are very safe, but on another level they also mean singularity and boring, and they also do not have significant advantages.

Therefore, if we want to make sweater Look no longer ordinary, we can and should be bold in color.

Don’t be afraid that the overly conspicuous colors can’t be controlled. The pure knitted texture of the sweater, even the bright colors, will not give you too much pressure behind the upper body and avoid the appearance of cheapness.

Here leaves list a few sweater colors that are especially worth trying, and see if there are any you like:


Earth color (green, brown)

As the popular color of the moment, the earth color system is already a household name, but it is mostly expressed in overcoats. For sweaters, the addition of earth color can still give a certain sense of fashion.

At the same time, because of the basic and simple nature of the sweater itself, the earth-colored sweater fits the trend, and it does not give people the impression of chasing the trend too deliberately. It is easy to wear and fashionable without too much burden.

Leaving aside the camel that we are already familiar with, among the earth-colored sweaters, leaves personally recommend green and brown.

First, let’s take a look at the green sweaters, especially the army green and olive green which tend to be a little deeper.

These colors have long been given the style of a sunny tough guy by the public, and the sweater itself is shapeless and soft. When they are combined together to “mix and match”, they will inevitably burst out a unique taste. On the one hand, green makes the sweater spirit up. The knitting texture of the sweater makes the green not tough, and it is stylish but not vulgar. It is not too much to say that a tough guy is tender.

With related details, if you want to make the sweater style more stylish, then you must know how to make the lower body “hard”.

Adding a pair of jeans and matching boots is a good combination. Because the texture of these items is firm and full, their presence can well enhance the appearance of the olive green sweater, handsome and charming, and make the sweater out of the original plain The atmosphere is different from the general sweater Look, no longer monotonous.

The opposite is brown sweater.

Compared with green, brown will not make the sweater so stylish and bold, but its natural and simple, it can exude a warm and retro atmosphere, which fits the unique charm of the sweater itself.

Brown sweater is also calm and generous, but it is not exactly the same as the common black and blue.

In terms of color sense, brown has a higher brightness, which naturally means that its color expression is more conspicuous. It reveals that it is low-key and stable and can be more easily noticed. It also has more elegant and warm visual expressions, and you can enjoy it. Sweaters give men a gentle temperament.

And the matching of brown sweaters is very expansive.

Men who like minimalism can add a pair of trousers with the same neutral and simple colors. Even if there is no overly strong color, it will not be buried in the crowd. The elegant and clean look avoids boring and boring, and fully displays the sweater. The style is serene and soft.



Strictly speaking, yellow is also a member of the earth color system. Like brown, it is also retro and warm enough, except that it is not very low-key.

When Ye Ye talked about “men wear yellow” before, he said that yellow sweater is one of the yellow items worth considering. The warm yellow makes the sweater no longer boring, and the influence of the sweater texture also makes yellow easy A lot of upper body.

Of course, this is a big aspect. Yellow can also be divided into different types according to different hue.

Specifically, Ye Ye recommends everyone to try a ginger sweater.

Ginger yellow is a darker yellow. Its color sense is obvious, and it is not too glaring. Putting it on the sweater can release the comfortable and durable, retro and elegant wool texture beauty, warm and gorgeous, and it can make the sweater. Excellent color choice for outstanding wear.

Don’t worry about smoothing the color. In fact, ginger is the color of the skin. It can make your skin tone white and translucent, not rustic.

If you are worried about being covered in yellow and still unable to control it, the leaves suggest that you can also look at the “mixed weaving style” in which other colors are added to the yellow to harmonize, such as black + yellow.

With the embellishment of other colors, the impact of yellow can be well separated to a certain extent. The yellow is still conspicuous and direct. As a sweater, it can be worn as a bright spot. It also has more visual effects of rendering changes, which is not so gorgeous. But it is still simple and beautiful, and the accent is more full.



White is actually the traditional classic color of sweaters. For example, “Alan sweater” is mainly white, but we don’t see too many men wearing white sweaters in daily life.

The reason for this is that it is easy to appear fat, white itself is a swelling color, and knitted sweaters will be a lot looser than other fabrics, which is doomed to appear fat in white sweaters.

However, if you are a thin man, it is different.

The white and translucent colors are matched with soft knitted fabrics. It is a fresh and flawless minimalist feeling. When worn on a thin body, it is not only warm, but bursts out the perfect style image of refined and romantic.

Here, Ye Ye suggested that white sweaters can temporarily set aside the lines of thick twisted needles and choose flat needle styles without obvious lines.

This is because the thick needle twisted pattern road style has a more retro feel, which will cover the pure expression of white to a certain extent, but without the obvious thick needle pattern, white will have no “resistance” and the sweater style will change. To be more pure, we can see the elegant simplicity at a glance, giving people an unobstructed minimalist and transparent enjoyment, outstanding and outstanding.



The last one is a gray sweater.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, gray sweaters are not the same as white sweaters.

Indeed, the gray sweater is also very simple and elegant.

But if you look closely, you will find that its concise performance is not as transparent as the white above, it is more restrained and composed.

Naturally, among sweaters, gray is not conspicuous enough, but it is suitable for a wider range of styles. Even for the fat and strong people, gray sweaters can well contain them.

Furthermore, the gray sweater can wear a man’s calm and calm traits, making the sweater a symbol of a man’s deep temperament, not just a “warm man” so superficial, plus a simple pair of pants, then put it on at this time A pair of leather shoes, in addition to a suit, you can also wear a confident and calm elegant gentleman style.

Well, the above are the few color sweaters that Ye Zi recommends in this issue. Which one do you prefer?

From the standpoint of the single product itself, the sweater is ordinary, it is difficult to wear it extraordinary, and the color is a rare element that can make the sweater shine, and it has a large selection space, many of the same style, the simplest foundation You can find all kinds of styles in UNIQLO.

For the most basic and simple items, many times we need to be bold and a little bit different to win the difference.



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