Which provinces have the most blue flag beaches? | Spain

Spain maintains the first place in the world for blue flags and rises 12 compared to 2017, as reported on Tuesday by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (Adeac). By provinces, Alicante, Pontevedra and the Balearic Islands are the three provinces that group the most distinctions. By autonomous communities, the Valencian Community, Galicia, Catalonia are the only ones that exceed 100.

Concessions have grown especially in Andalusia (seven more beaches than in 2017) and Catalonia (six more), and their decline has been noted especially in Galicia and Melilla, with four fewer in each. Madrid appears for the first time on the list, with a beach with the distinctive blue. Murcia wins one, until 25, compared to last year. In 2017, the region had lost 16 blue flags in just one year.

In the list of beaches there are 50 destinations with the blue flag that did not have it in 2017, compared to 40 that have lost it in this period. Among them, the iconic Barceloneta, although the province of Barcelona is the one that has gained the most, with eight new destinations, unlike A Coruña, which has lost ten. The inland provinces of Badajoz, Madrid and Álava each have an inland beach. Gipuzkoa is the only coastal territory without any of these distinctions.


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