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Which supermarket is the cheapest? Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Kaufland and Rewe in the price comparison

Which supermarket is the cheapest? Especially in cities, such as Bamberg, there are plenty of supermarkets and discounters, all with attractive offers every week. But once you shop off the special offers, it's interesting to know where shopping is going to be the cheapest. We put the dealers to the test and used a shopping cart with 19 popular brand products to find out who has the best prices. Here is ours Comparison test of supermarkets and discounters Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland.

How do the supermarkets compare to discount prices?

For our test purchase we have arbitrarily 19 well-known brand products which existed in identical form in all five markets. This arrived varied shopping cart together, which comes pretty close to a daily shopping. After evaluating our test purchases, we came to a surprising result, that we want to anticipate here before we go deeper into the reasons and possible causes of the price differences.

Which is the cheapest supermarket? The test result at a glance

  • 1st place: Lidl, Price for our shopping cart 29,40 Euro.
  • 2nd place: Kaufland, Price for our shopping cart 29,70 Euro.
  • 3rd place: Aldi, Price for our shopping cart 30,00 Euro.
  • 4th place: Edeka, Price for our shopping cart 30,14 Euro.
  • 5th place: Rewe, Price for our shopping cart 32.11 Euro.

If one summarizes all 19 brand products of our price comparison and considers the actual purchase price for the entire shopping cart, it can be seen that Rewe was the most expensive with a final price of 32.11 Euro. The cheapest we bought at Lidl with 29.40 euros, closely followed by Kaufland with 29.70 euros. In the midfield are finally Aldi with exactly 30 euros and Edeka with 30.14 euros.

The difference between the cheapest dealer (Lidl) and the most expensive (Rewe) amounts to our arbitrarily stocked shopping cart at least 2,71 euros. With a higher total purchase price, the difference would increase accordingly.

Once again, it should be noted that we look at our test shopping well-known brand products have limited. If we were to repeat the comparison test with the own brands of supermarkets and discounters, the result would probably look a bit different.

Supermarket vs. Discounter: Where do the price differences come from?

It raises the question of how the Price differences between supermarkets and discounters come about. As with all retail products, we generally assume that the prices we pay are based on the manufacturer's specifications EU, however, is prohibited by antitrust laws that suppliers or manufacturers give the supermarkets and discounters binding pricing. The recommended retail price (RRP) Everyone knows the manufacturer for the dealer. And that's exactly what it is: non-binding. So: not mandatory.

As a rule, most traders stick to the EIA. The significant price differences are mainly due to the fact that discounters such as Lidl and Aldi save a lot of money due to the limited range of goods and the somewhat simpler presentation of the goods in the store at this point. This allows them to keep prices as low as possible.

Supermarkets, in comparison, have much higher expenses in terms of product presentation, storage or personnel. They move on much larger areas, which consequently also take up more workers. For this reason, higher prices are "necessary" here. All the more surprising the excellent performance of Kaufland in our review: The supermarket comes with a shopping cart that is only slightly more expensive than the test winner Lidl on place 2 our ranking.

Which branded products are particularly noticeable in comparison?

Our comparison test is based exclusively on branded articles. No own brands are considered. Here are immediately on products that differ significantly in price at discounters and supermarkets. A can of Red Bull, for example, at Rewe with 1.29 euros and Edeka with even 1.39 euros considerably more expensive than in the discounters Lidl and Aldi, where you can buy the energy drink for 1.09 €. Furthermore, Rewe also stands out at the price of the well-known Wagner Steinofenpizza. Here you can leave for a pizza whole 2.59 euros. In the other supermarkets of our comparison as well as in the discounters it costs just 1.99 euros. The situation is different with the nut nougat cream Nutella: This is offered by Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland with 2.79 euros by the bank for the same price.

Supermarket test with 19 branded products: That was in the cart

For our test, we have sampled 19 branded products that existed in all five tested supermarkets and discounters. Our test purchase took place on Wednesday, 03.04.2019. The following products have been selected for our shopping cart:

  • Coca-Cola 1.25 l
  • Haribo Phantasia 200 g
  • Brandt rusks
  • Duplo
  • Nutella
  • Chips Funny Fresh Hungarian
  • Leibniz shortbread
  • Gera Mont
  • Philadelphia
  • Maggi
  • Miracel Whip
  • Thomy mustard medium hot
  • Magnum ice cream
  • Wagner Pizza Salami
  • Redbull 250 ml
  • Krombacher Pils 0.5 l
  • shower that
  • pril
  • Nivea Roll on Deo Dry Impact

Note that we did our comparison test in Bamberg. In cities with a generally higher cost of living, such as Munich, the price of our shopping cart will vary accordingly.

by Vera Heusinger, Nina Grimmeis, Sebastian Rüger and Rupert Mattgey


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