While the wife does not see … Koshkina is getting closer and closer to Martirosyan


Yana could decide to "travel" with Garik on tour.

The network said many times that between Martirosyan and Koshkina a secret "romance". There were even rumors that Garik had acquired property for his "mistress." However, despite such "ardent" feelings, Martirosyan continues to live with his wife, and Koshkina walks as a "bachelor". However, this may not last long, because Yana seems to have launched an active offensive.

Martirosyan recently delved into a solo career. Garik manages to combine the position of head of Comedy Club and his program. Due to such an “abundance” of work, Martirosyan has a rather tight schedule and constant tours. Garik has very little time left for his family, which is probably why his wife goes on vacation alone.

While Jeanne enjoys the sunshine, Koshkina does not waste time in vain. Yana began teaching English, which can come in handy in various situations. However, it seems that the main purpose of study is the tour of Martirosyan. With his solo program, and with the Comedy Club, Garik often goes abroad. The most common language outside of Russia is precisely English. Perhaps Koshkina is learning a foreign language in order to communicate freely when she goes somewhere on tour.
Perhaps Yana understands that she needs to thoroughly learn the language, and then Martirosyan will not be “ashamed” of her and will be able to take with her to various concerts. It’s clear that Garik speaks foreign languages ​​at a good level, and if he has a companion with him who hardly connects two words, this will damage his reputation. It seems that Koshkina finally decided to “seduce” Martirosyan, and while the wife does not see, she goes on the offensive.

However, it is possible that the study of English Koshkin began not because of Garik. Perhaps Yana decided to expand her horizons so that she could later travel easily and communicate with foreigners without difficulty. But due to the fact that there are many rumors about the “romance” between Koshkina and Martirosyan, it seems that she is getting closer and closer to her “chosen one”.



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