Whirlwind around popular holiday destination: is vacation in Turkey possible?

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Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. But because of the continuing corona epidemic in the country, there is currently one Travel warning. Can vacationers still plan vacation in Turkey at the moment? ntv.de clarifies the most important questions.

What is the current situation with the travel warning?

There is still a travel warning for Turkey. According to the Federal Foreign Office: “Due to the spread of Covid-19 and the associated restrictions in international air and travel traffic as well as impairments in public life, warnings against unnecessary tourist trips to Turkey continue.” Turkey thus falls under the global travel warning until August 31.

What is the current infection situation in the country?

The Robert Koch Institute has classified Turkey as a “risk area” based on the Sars Cov 2 case numbers. There are currently 198,613 confirmed cases of infection, more than 5,100 people have died in Turkey. The overall incidence is somewhat higher than in Germany, but the number of deaths is lower.

Are German citizens allowed to travel anyway?

Turkey lifted the entry ban for German citizens on June 11th. However, health examinations are carried out when entering Turkey. If an elevated temperature or other symptoms are found, a corona test is carried out. If the result is positive, medical treatment is ordered; quarantine measures are also possible.

Can anything change in the travel warning?

The Turkish government is upset that Germany has designated the country as a corona “risk area”. The Erdogan government wants to change this as soon as possible. According to Turkish media reports, foreign and interior ministers are to travel to Germany on Thursday to speak with Foreign Minister Heiko Maas about the current travel warning. They may want to work to lift the warning so that the tourism business with the Germans can still be saved.

What are the rules for package tours to Turkey that have already been booked?

Anyone who has previously booked a package tour will not be left at their own expense: travel packages booked in advance can be canceled free of charge. Anyone who has booked a vacation in Turkey should definitely contact the organizer. If someone flies in spite of the travel warning, they cannot count on the federal government to take them back.

Are German holidaymakers threatened with quarantine when they return?

Vacationers who come to Germany from a risk area must expect a 14-day quarantine. However, holidaymakers from Turkey can be exempted from the rule if they have a negative corona test upon entry that is not older than 48 hours.

How are the holiday areas positioned in the fight against Corona?

Hygiene measures are being massively expanded at airports, hotels and beaches. Holidaymakers are also advised of the minimum distance. Fever is measured in some hotels. Masks are also required in markets, supermarkets and public transport.

What are the risks for travelers from Germany?

ntv travel expert Ralf Benkö sees some difficulties: “You should check carefully whether you are willing to accept the risk. There are things that are simply different. On the one hand there is the potential risk of infection and on the other hand it can be that the international health insurance then it doesn’t work. There are insurance companies that have ruled out the pandemic. That could be very expensive. ”

If you visit relatives on site, for example, you should also consider Benkö’s opinion: “Yes, you could travel to Turkey, but there is actually a whole list of precautionary measures that have to be observed.”



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