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Breaking news : Marie-Bernadette Dupuy changes register with the new saga of 4,658 pages and 23 volumes (well, we understand each other). Lara, the round of suspicion swings us like that all at once and without warning in a thrilling thriller, when we got used to the delicious series (its trademark) rural during the Second World War, stories of parish priest who unroocks cheerfully having met love (the lovers of the presbytery, it’s not Zola, but it reads, the handsome parish priest and the lovely wife of the doctor who is bored and discovers the passion toooooooorrride), or the instructive walks in Quebec at several times (The Crazy Waters Scandal with the drowned young woman who fucks a monstrous mess in family relationships), etc. Let’s not hide not having read ALL of MBD’s works, but a good number, unearthed each summer at the Intermarché bookstore in Siorac (Dordogne), between a good Christian Signol and a solid Françoise Bourdon that we taste a little hidden under a blanket of Modiano: pure delight.

So a thriller we have?

We were licking each other’s lips, it happened in 1946, just after “the second world war and the horrors”, in a Breton village called Locmariaquer that some initiates know, with a fiery young heroine, with Erwan, Fantou, exhilarating black soldiers, a pretty inspector of police, a body found lifeless since it is another young girl, but badly slaughtered and in a white tunic, and therefore why not a crime novel? And on page 110, the truth falls, cruel: I’m not interested. It’s awful to betray MBD like that, but I’m not interested, what. We are bored, the characters are hollow, and this time, the delicious snaps frequent in his opus where the murders are inevitably obnoxious, the passionate youth, the intractable but big-hearted old men do not pass at all.

Who is MBD?

We feel a little curiosity in the informed reader who despises the novel of terroir or the farandoles of rural stories which discretely populate the bookstores or houses of the regional press, but in fact prance sales not so far away as that of the Bussimussolevy . She was born in 1952, began to write after the death of her mother, and many books, the names of which alone are a country song: the Wolf Wood Orphan, the Song of the ocean, Refuge aux roses, the Moulin du Loup (a treat in 6 volumes where the mill run by a heroic smala lodges a Jewish family, with lots of adventures, love, betrayal). We also remember the beautiful orphan in New York whose son was kidnapped in the Tears of the Hudson. We travel in time and space, what.

Should we say no to the thriller of terroir?

Let’s not be cruel like the assassin of the girl in a white tunic that it may be the slightly troubled lover of the heroine of the saga (endless, therefore) but let’s admit having a somewhat hysterical love for him. rural novel, the country and honest saga, preferably during the war or in the XIXe century, so conducive to romantic affairs as to the dramas of the working world and the bourgeoisie. Yes, let’s face it: terroir and thriller are a mix that gets you nowhere.

Emmanuèle Peyret

Marie-Bernadette Dupuy

Lara, The Round of Suspicion 1 Calmann-Lévy, 518 pp., € 22.90 (ebook: € 8.49).



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