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Biting on “critical racial theory”, suspension of use at school one after another

It is common sense in the world that white people have driven out indigenous peoples to acquire land …

Democracy vs. Republic of the United States

It is said that the United States is now divided and divided.

Conservative vs. liberal. Republican vs. Democrat. Biden supporters vs. Trump supporters. East / West vs. South / Midwest. City resident vs. Rual (local non-city) resident. Rich vs. poor. Highly educated vs. lowly educated. White vs. non-white (black, Latino, Asian).

The United States is divided into two as these two powers continue to fight for unraveling. There are American journalists and scholars who “explain” this.

However, for the author, who has lived in the United States for many years, feels the United States for a long time, and makes “fixed-point observations” from the inside, it is hard to say that this view reflects the actual situation.

To be precise, the “two powers” are not in opposition. It is better to say that the “three powers” are in opposition and are divided into three.

Conservatives, liberals, and “intermediate independents” who are neither of them are glaring at each other and divided into three parts.

The deciding factor in choosing Joe Biden as president in the previous presidential election was that this “intermediate nonpartisan decency” helped the Democratic Party.

Perhaps the decision to decide the 2022 midterm elections will depend on whether the nonpartisan party chooses the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

One of the political scientists at the University of California, Berkeley points out:

“The middle-ranking independents have become the common sense that keeps the balance of the United States today. It is this group that voted for the Democratic Party to win the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential and bicameral elections. Body “



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