White House: U.S. troops are not sent to Ukraine alone… 8,500 deployments are at NATO level

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Choi Won-jin = As fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine grow, the United States has announced that it will not independently dispatch 8,500 soldiers to Ukraine, who have ordered preparations for deployment to Eastern Europe.

White House press secretary Jen Saki speaks during a regular briefing. 2022.01.05 [사진=로이터 뉴스핌]

White House press secretary Jen Saki said at a regular briefing on the 25th (local time) about the possibility that the Joe Biden administration would send U.S. troops to Ukraine directly to Europe, saying, “As the president, there is no intention, interest, or desire to send troops to Ukraine. “The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a consultative body that supports Eastern European countries, and our focus is also on NATO,” he said.

This is interpreted to mean that the US military deployment in Europe is not for the purpose of sending troops to Ukraine on its own, but for NATO’s rapid response.

In fact, Article 5 of the NATO Charter states that if an allied country is invaded by foreign powers, other allies will intervene militarily to repel it together. Ukraine is not a NATO member state. This is the point where a military clash with Russia can be avoided.

President Biden warned of personal sanctions against President Vladimir Putin, noting that some of the 8,500 soldiers will be relocated in the near future.

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