White man with a beard? Catholics want to gender God

Will it be “God *” or “God +” in the future? In the future, a Catholic association may want to write God with gender asterisks – or with a plus sign, which could also be read as a cross. All of this should make it clear that God cannot automatically be thought of as an old white man with a beard.

“We have not yet made a decision, but we definitely want to change something,” said Rebekka Biesenbach, the spiritual leader of the Catholic Young Congregation (KjG), the German Press Agency in Düsseldorf. “The central question is: What can we do to bring the image of God, which is very masculine in many places, back into the diversity it deserves?”

God with gender asterisks? The decision will be made in spring

In spoken language you could say the asterisk or the plus if necessary. “We are currently still forming a judgment on this.” Decisions could be made at the next federal conference at the end of March or beginning of April in Odenthal in the Bergisches Land.

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There are several large youth associations in the Catholic Church. According to its own information, the KjG represents around 80,000 members aged around 9 to 25 years. (dpa / ncd)