The White Sox are ready for the big arrival. Or a breaking horror.

When spring training began, the team between Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay cleared a locker and hoped it would soon be occupied by Manny Machado.

The White Sox were hardly subtle in their attempt to lure Machado. They signed Alonso, Machado's brother-in-law, and Jay, Machado's longtime friend, earlier in the off-season when they hoped to influence the free-agent shortstop to Chicago.

Machado remains unsigned at the beginning of the camp, though the White Sox seems to be missing everyone, but the red carpet should be chosen by the Phillies, Padres and others.

Alonso said he spoke to Machado on Tuesday, but they did not talk about baseball.

"I think that everything will be done" Alonso said Wednesday, NBC Sports Chicago. "We'll just see when it happens."

Jay would not reveal anything.

"I will respect his privacy in this matter," Jay said. "Hopefully he will join us, and if he does not, that's for him [to decide], "


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