Whitney Houston reportedly sexually abused by her cousin


Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a child by her own cousin, according to a documentary screened Wednesday in Cannes. Director Kevin Macdonald is reported to have received confirmation of these abuses by the singer’s brother, his wife and the star’s former assistant.
Sexually abused by her cousin. That’s what happened to singer Whitney Houston, if we believe the documentary Whitney Kevin Macdonald, projected on Wednesday, May 16 as part of the Cannes film festival . In the feature film about the singer who died in 2012, the Scottish documentaryist explains that Whitney Houston would have been sexually abused in her youth by her own cousin, soul singer Dee-Dee Warwick, who died in 2008. Kevin Macdonald had this intuition by viewing archive footage of Whitney Houston, he told indiewire . An intuition confirmed by the singer’s brother “I felt there was something like that explained the director who has already worked on the theme of sexual abuse for another film. She was bad-skinned, there was something in the way she was standing or hiding, her apparent lack of sexuality. She was a beautiful woman with a very closed behavior. ” . “Someone told me that Whitney had been abused, but no one wanted to say it in front of the camera says Kevin Macdonald who has received confirmation of these abuses by the brother of the singer, Gary Garland. Then his brother told me that Dee Dee had abused him. It was not allegations. He told me that he had been abused by this person and that he thought that she had also abused Whitney. ” . Concurrent testimonies Pat Houston, Gary Garland’s wife, is reported to have confirmed this version of the story to Kevin Macdonald. “Pat Houston, who was present during the interview, told me that Whitney had revealed to her [that she had been abused] without giving more details” , says the director indiewire .

Mary Jones, the former assistant of the star, also decided to speak to confirm these abuses. The release of the film Whitney in French theaters is scheduled for August 29, 2018.


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