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Who are Cédric de Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello, killed in the release of hostages in Burkina Faso


Cédric de Pierrepont (left) and Alain Bertoncello died last night in the rescue operation of four hostages including two French in Burkina Faso.

ARMY – "All the Nation bows down to their courage." This Friday, May 10 in the morning, the Elysee and various bodies and leaders of the Army announced that two soldiers had died in the operation which allowed to release four hostages including two French in Burkina Faso.

Cédric de Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello were part of the Hubert commando, one of the seven commandos of the French Navy. This unit is considered the most prestigious of all the French Army Corps, the most selective and the most complete among the special forces too.

"The MTs (for masters, a rank of the navy) Cédric Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello, commando Hubert, died this night in action in a hostage release operation. I admire their courage, I share the grief of their families and loved ones, "said Admiral Christophe Prazuck, Chief of the Navy.

In a statement, the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly hailed "the memory of the two soldiers of the special forces of Operation Barkhane who died for France during the release of four hostages in Burkina Faso."

The tenant of the hotel de Brienne sent with "emotion and sadness" his thoughts to the families of the two men, "their relatives, their brothers in arms and all the Marine commandos". "The whole nation is bowing today to their courage, grateful and proud of her heroes who gave their lives to save the lives of others," she concluded.

Pierre de Pierrepont, left on the photo broadcast by the Navy had entered the Army in 2004, at 18 years. He had quickly distinguished himself in the marines, finishing first in his class. He had very quickly after that passed the commando stage, then that of swimmer of combat.

He joined the Hubert command in 2012. Since April 1, 2018, he held the position of commando group leader. As reported by the Navy, during his fifteen years of service, this pacified man had taken part in operations in the Mediterranean, the Levant and the Sahel.

He had been decorated several times, holding four citations (to the order of the regiment, the brigade and the division) with the awarding of the Cross of Military Value and a quote to the order of the Brigade with Award of the National Defense Gold Medal. He was also decorated among others with the National Defense Gold Medal "Combat Swimmer – Missions of Foreign Operations" and the Overseas Medal with staples Sahel and Lebanon.

The master Alain Bertoncello was meanwhile born in 1991. He had integrated the school of education twenty years later before succeeding the following year the commando training as a marine. After obtaining the swimmer's certificate in 2017, he joined the Hubert commando, based in Saint-Mandrier in the Var.

He also pacsed, Alain Bertoncello had intervened to protect the maritime interests of France in Seychelles, then in operations outside Qatar, the Levant and the Sahel, where he was like his brother in arms since March 30th.

"He was a member of the Regimental Order with the Gold Medal of National Defense and was awarded the Overseas Medal for the Middle East and the Silver Medal. of National Defense, "says the Navy.

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