who are the guest artists of the october 29 show?

Each month, Taratata 100% Live’s programming is eclectic with artists from all musical backgrounds, internationally renowned or more French, who for an evening form a duo on a title that is not even part of their directory. It is the production and sometimes even Nagui himself that are at the origin of these musical associations. Thus, one of the highlights of this Taratata on October 29 will undoubtedly be the duo formed by Ed Sheeran and our national Vianney, gathered to share a moment of musical complicity. But how did she decide?

To begin with, Ed Sheeran made a stop in Paris at the end of September to promote his new album, =, which will be released this Friday, October 29. He then participated in the charity concert given on the Champ de Mars, Global Citizen Live, alongside Elton John injured. In the wake of this event, Ed Sheeran made a detour to La Plaine Saint-Denis, where Nagui’s entertainment is recorded. On the Taratata stage, he performs solo a medley of his hits, but also performs in a duet Perfect with Vianney! An idea matured long ago by the host who knew that these two artists, born a few days apart and having the same musical tastes, would get along wonderfully. A verse is even sung for the occasion in French! A moment of grace savored by the two artists (and don’t panic: Ed Sheeran was not positive for covid at the time of filming!). But the programming (…)

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