Who are the thirteen legislative candidates in the constituency of Montluçon (Allier)?

On the Montluçon side, there will be thirteen candidates – two less than in 2017 – to compete for the mandate of deputy for the second constituency of Allier.

Who will be in the second round? The only certainty: the outgoing parliamentarian, Laurence Vanceunebrock (Renaissance), will benefit as five years ago from the breath of victory of Emmanuel Macron. But on each side of the political spectrum, many challengers are questioning his record, starting on the right.

From the world to the right

In the campaign for several months, Jean-Jacques Kégelart (Les Républicains), former chief of staff of Valéry Giscard-d’Estaing, sees the mayor of Lavault-Sainte-Anne Samir Triki (DVD) walk on the flowerbeds of the right and from the center. Referent of Horizons – the party of Édouard Philippe – a few days ago, the latter can no longer claim the label of the presidential majority.

The surprise Pozzoli

On the left, the candidacy of Bernard Pozzoli (DVG), made official yesterday, disturbs the union of the left embodied in this constituency by Louise Héritier, an Insoumise chosen by the New Popular Ecological and Social Union. Mayor of Prémilhat and departmental councillor, Bernard Pozzoli was a figure of the Socialist Party in the Allier for many years.

Surprise on the left, Bernard Pozzoli will be a candidate for the legislative elections in Allier

Two far-right candidates

Guillaume Bellavoine

The list of candidates

1. Samir Triki (various right), 68 years old, ENT surgeon. Alternate: Philippe Perche.

2. Jean-Jacques Kegelart (Les Républicains), 64 years old, Inspector General of the Administration of Sustainable Development. Alternate: Anne-Cécile Benoit-Gola.

3. Christophe Affraix (Various right), 39 years old, territorial civil servant. Alternate: Sylvain Leroux.

4. Axelle de Nicolay (Reconquest), 34 years old, former commercial executive. Alternate: Charles Marconnet.

5. Jean-Marie Guillaumin (Le Clover), 45 years old, driver. Alternate: Fernande Saila.

6. Bernard Lebel (Lutte Ouvrière), 70 years old, retired telecom engineer. Alternate: Jean-François Reul.

7. Philippe Chatel (various right), 54, writer. Alternate: Eric Marquet.

8. Marie-Claude Leguillon (Radical Left Party), 65, project manager. Alternate: Jean-François Guérut.

9. Jorys Bovet (National Rally), 29 years old, delivery driver. Alternate: Amanthe Galango.

10. Luc Thomas. We had no information on this candidate this Friday. Alternate: Guillaume Peyronnet.

11. Laurence Vanceunebrock (Renaissance), 52, peacekeeper. Alternate: Thierry Paulhac.

12. Bernard Pozzoli (various left), 68 years old, retired from industry. Alternate: Juliette Werth.

13. Louise Heritier (Nupes, La France insoumise), 25 years old, actress and director. Alternate: Michel Beaune.