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Who are the three people who will accompany Jeff Bezos in space?

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They will be three to take off with the American billionaire. This Tuesday, July 20, Jeff Bezos flies for the first time to space thanks to a rocket from his company Blue Origin. What to start with a crash the new great chapter of his life after leaving his position as CEO of Amazon there is little.

The first person to accompany him on this journey is none other than his little brother, Mark Bezos. “Since I was 5 years old, I have dreamed of going to space. On July 20, I will be making this trip with my brother. Greatest adventure with my best friend, ”the billionaire wrote on Instagram as the news broke. Visibly moved by his brother’s proposal, Mark Bezos did not hesitate to take him in his arms to thank him.

But you don’t necessarily have to have family connections with the Bezos to be part of the journey. On July 1, Jeff Bezos posted another video on his Instagram account. In it, he announced good news to Wally Funk, an 82-year-old aviator. After years dreaming of space, trying to enter NASA officially, he offers him the opportunity to join it.


The woman’s joy was clear at the billionaire’s announcement. But by inviting him, Jeff Bezos also allowed himself to thumb his nose at Virgin Galactic and its rival in the conquest of space tourism, Richard Branson. Indeed, Wally Funk had bought in 2010 a ticket for a suborbital flight in the company of the latter for the modest sum of 200,000 dollars (170,000 euros approximately), but had been waiting since to be able to board. She will eventually do it at Blue Origin.

Finally, a last person will join the crew. It is an 18 year old young man, Oliver Daemen. Barely of age, he was scheduled on a subsequent flight, but replaced another person. The latter, whose name is not known, had won an auction at 28 million dollars to accompany Jeff Bezos, before a professional impediment prevents him from joining the adventure.

This flight will be decidedly historic in the history of manned flights, since at the age of 18 and 82, Oliver Daemen and Wally Funk will respectively become the youngest and oldest astronauts in history.

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