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WHO calls for a last effort to end tuberculosis, the most lethal infectious disease in the world

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on the international community to make a final effort to end the scourge of tuberculosis, which today remains the most lethal infectious disease in the world; one that is charged each year the lives of 4,500 people, remembered this Sunday that the world day against this condition is celebrated.

The WHO recalls that, over the last 20 years, global efforts to combat a "preventable and curable" disease have saved 54 million lives and reduced the death rate to 42 percent. So, "this year's message is that 'it's time to end this'", said the CEO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. "You have to find all cases, treat all cases and end all cases," he has sentenced.

To further accelerate the global response, the Heads of State and Government showed in September last year, at the first high-level meeting held at the United Nations on tuberculosis, their "firm commitment" to end the disease, a commitment that "must be translated urgently into practical actions", the general director added.

To contribute to this work, the WHO published last week a new regulation to adjust the response against the disease, actions that "can accelerate" the prevention and treatment of a condition.

The UN agencies also want to highlight the populations at risk, especially those affected by HIV – it is the main cause of death among people with immunodeficiency virus – and immigrants.

"Many work in dangerous and difficult jobs and live in homes that do not meet the standards, others can be detained in overcrowded detention centers or live in refugee or IDP camps," says the International Organization for Migration.

"Migrants face language, administrative and cultural barriers to accessing health services and are often excluded from social protection programs and universal health coverage, as a result, those who pay out of pocket for health services they can end up with catastrophic health expenses and inferior quality care, "he adds.



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