Who can apply the fifth dose, what vaccine are they giving and what is the concern of the experts

In the last few weeks there were a spike in the number of coronavirus infections Although it does not worry specialists yet, it does herald a summer season in which Covid-19 will continue to be a possible inconvenience. Earlier this month, the Argentine health authorities agreed at the Federal Health Council (Cofesa) to apply a third booster of the coronavirus vaccine for the entire population that has received its second booster – or fourth dose, if both The first ones were from Sinopharm – 120 days or more ago.

However, although Cofesa indicated the application of what, for some, will be the fifth vaccine, only 18% of the population applied the fourth and around 50% the third, according to official figures. The experts consulted by THE NATION They say that the authorities should strengthen communication regarding the importance of vaccination to prevent further increase in cases and, consequently, hospitalizations. In addition, they maintain that, although the virus is not usually lethal for young people without prevalent diseases, the consequences that it can generate in the long term are not yet known.

Who can take the fifth dose then? All those who have traveled 120 days or more since their second booster –or fourth dose if the first two were from Sinopharm–, will be able to attend a vaccination to apply the third booster. Although priority is given to those over 50 years of age and to people with risk factors, there is not such a demand for vaccines that it prevents anyone who wants to be inoculated from doing so. Both in the Province and in the City, vaccination is taking place no need to book an appointment.

In the city, as part of the prioritized groups, those over 50 who have already completed four months since the last application They will receive an email in which they will point out that they are within the deadline to be inoculated again and that there are doses available.

And what vaccines are being applied? In the city of Buenos Aires, although there is a remnant of Pfizer vaccines, apply above all Modernthe same thing that happens in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Experts ask health authorities to strengthen communication regarding the importance of applying the coronavirus vaccine Inés Gighlione / GCBA Press

Eduardo López, head of the Department of Medicine at the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital, who was also a presidential adviser during the pandemic, regrets that interest in vaccinating has diminished and believes that it is of vital importance that the population resume the vocation of having the necessary reinforcements up to date so as not to experience a moderate or serious condition.

“Vaccination figures are not good. There are 20,000,000 people who do not have the third dose, and in many cases the first two applications were of the Sinopharm vaccine, so it is to be expected that these people today are not adequately protected. Give the fifth dose [tercer refuerzo] It’s fine, especially for those over 50 years of age who were inoculated with Sinopharm, but the need to apply the first and second booster must be reinforced. Let’s remember that with the variants that are circulating, with a single reinforcement we will obtain an effectiveness of 80% against serious pictures ”, describes López.

Last week, the health authorities reported that 3,323 new infections were detected, which represents an increase of 50.4% compared to what was reported a week ago. This increase is registered in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires, where a good part of the 2844 positives of the City and the Province were concentrated. However, the country is far from those records set last year, where there were 150,000 infections in 24 hours.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Province, they indicated to this medium that coronavirus infections are on the rise for the third consecutive week. In the last week, 1,205 cases were registered, which is equivalent to a weekly daily average of 172 cases. This represents a 105% increase from last week when there were 588 cases (daily average 84 cases). However, the number of boarding schools continues to decline at all ages.

While from the ministry in charge of Fernan Quiros, pointed out that, from the 21st to the 27th of this month, the demand in fever clinics (exUFU, which this year were integrated into hospitals) increased by 90%, compared to the previous week. Influenza B, A and Covid are being detected, in order. Positives for SARS-CoV-2 rose 95% between the last two weeks. In the vaccination clinics, as they added, they are reinforcing the capacity in the face of, also, a greater demand. Two weeks ago, 13,084 people attended, compared to 7,076 the previous seven days, according to the data that the City has been disseminating.

Jorge Aliaga, former dean of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UBA and adviser to the government of the province of Buenos Airesexplains that it is not necessary to compare the current situation with that of last year, especially since Cofesa determined months ago that only those over 50 should be tested, unless they are people with risk factors.

“What we can know is that a month ago there were a certain number of cases and now they have tripled or multiplied by seven, as in the case of the City. As the level of encounters increases at this time, and this is also added to the World Cup, it is possible that we will arrive at the Holidays with a high number of cases, ”says Aliaga.

The specialist also stresses the importance of going to the vaccination clinics. He points out that now what they see are vaccination posts full of vaccines, but with few people to be inoculated. “On the other hand, although people are already relaxed, let’s try to maintain a minimum of care and, at least, let’s ventilate the rooms if we are going to meet in a closed space,” concludes Aliaga.

In the Buenos Aires provincethe vaccination centers, together with the schedules, can be found here:

While in the Buenos aires cityat least for this week, the posts enabled are:

Except for this last location, which works only until noon, the rest of the vaccination centers are open from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. And the only ones open on weekends are the Islamic Center and the San Lorenzo clubhouse.

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