Who can stop the New York Yankees in MLB?

In the middle of summer, baseball fans in New York breathed a playoff atmosphere as if it were October. The two city teams, Yankees and Mets, lead both circuits of the Major Leagues and many dream of repeating the “subway series” in the World Series of 2022, but there is a long second half of the season ahead. Still the future is hopeful. Los Yankees are unstoppable and opened the long-awaited series against their hated rivals Houston Astros with a spectacular comeback victory 7-6 this Thursday.

Yankee Stadium fans booed the Astrosbecause they do not forget the signal theft scandal that accompanied the title of the World Series of Houston in 2017, after beating the New York in the American League Championship Series to advance to the Fall Classic, adding to a string of recent postseason eliminations against them.

But we are in 2022, which seems to be the year of the Yankeesthe “Bombers” came back from a three-run deficit to surprise the Astros in the bottom of the ninth inning with a dramatic 7-6 victory after the three-run home run by Aaron Hicks tied the game and the single Aaron Judge will cap it off with an exciting walk-off.

It was the 21st come-from-behind victory and the ninth walk-off of the season for the Yankees, who also won their 15th straight game at home. The Bronx improved their record to 52-18, the best of all Big leaguesseven wins more than its neighbors Mets in the National League. The New York team has scored the most runs in MLB and have allowed the fewest, far exceeding all expectations from the start of the season.

This is the third best start in the history of the team in 70 games, it should be noted that in the previous editions 1928, 39 and 98 they won the World Seriesand that means a lot given the long winning culture of the Yankees dating back a century. It’s also the ninth-best start of any team in the MLB, at all times. All those who preceded them reached the playoffs and four of them won the World Series.

The Yankees are winning even the games that seem impossible. After three-run home runs Alex Bregman and Cuban Yordan Álvarez for Houston, Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo discounted for New York. But before the closer of the Astros, Ryan Pressly los Yannkees They attacked as only they know how. Aaron Hicks hit a fastball over the right field wall to tie the game at 6 and the stage was set for the game-winning hit by Judge.

“It was difficult to lose, especially here because we played a good game tonight,” said the manager of Houston, Dusty Baker. “It’s hard to digest, but that’s baseball. You have to swallow it whether you like it or not.” At the moment no one can stop the push of the New York Yankees in 2022.