Who controls the specifications for energy saving? Shitstorm on Facebook | Hall circular sheet

A user asks who in Halle controls the new regulation that after 10 p.m. lighting for advertising purposes is prohibited. He gives examples of where lights are still on and is verbally abused.

Heiko Kaiser
09/15/2022 at 05:05

Lights are still on at City Hall. This will remain so, since the aim here is to enable safe passage. On the other hand, wherever the lighting is only for aesthetic reasons or for advertising purposes, it should be switched off. © Marc Uthmann

Halle. It was just a question. “Who in Halle is responsible for the new energy-saving requirements (no lighting after 10 p.m.)? Does the regulatory office do that? Yesterday at midnight the light was on in the high school gym, at Takko and at the new dentist MVZ, all on Alleestrasse.” A user on the Facebook page asked “You are from Halle if…”

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