The World Health Organization reports that in the coming season will prevail three types of influenza – A / H1N1 Michigan, influenza A / H3N2 Singapore and influenza B (Colorado).

According to the Government of the Leningrad region, vaccination against the flu will take place until December in all health facilities in 47 regions. Together with this, vaccination against influenza will be special teams in mobile out-patient clinics.

"To vaccinate residents of the Leningrad region, the Russian Ministry of Health purchased a vaccine of domestic production" Sovigripp ", the press service of the regional government specified.

First of all, flu vaccination is recommended for children, pregnant women, citizens over 60, people with chronic heart, lung, endocrine diseases. In addition, specialists from occupational risk groups (medical workers, social workers and educators) will be vaccinated.

Earlier it was reported that in the Leningrad region began to increase the incidence of ARVI and influenza. During the week, 57 people were hospitalized, more than half of whom were children.

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