Who decides – Örjan or Daniel? | Trotting

Don Fanucci Zet (V75-3) genre pairs before the Elite Race. Giant favorite of course and he wins.

The only question mark in the context?

Who drives Örjan in the Elite Race?

Don Fanucci Zet or Hail Mary?

And who decides?

Örjan or Daniel?

V75 in Umeå stands up to what the Danes have gathered at Charlottenlund on Sunday.

Copenhagen Cup is an exciting mix of old and new.

And I’m very excited about how Festival Of Speed, Flower Dust and Four Guys Dream stands against the established aces.

The frame is absolutely magnificent. With top horses and top riders from near and far.

So – congratulations on a great job.

With an open track had Mister Hercules (V75-5) has been rock clear. And is it well despite the backtrack. When there are only ten horses on the track.

Little counter-bidder is called Rome Pays Off. But no, Mister Hercules is grazing on this race on the road to the Jubilee Cup.

The wonderful strength of Swedish trotting is manifested in the catalog for the Elite Race Auction.

Wonderful pedigrees that I drooled over for hours.

Bugatti Miles (V75-4) won effortlessly in the annual debut. But this time the resistance is much, much tougher. Readly Lavec is by far the top favorite. And gets chewed hard if he reaches the lead.

Succession (V75-6) is the fourth chance for companies Redén and Kihlström.

She was half pale as the big favorite last time but has become the line favorite just by the speed.

Not away at all but just one of several in a wide open chair race.

At the Elite Race Auction, it is more or less predictable where the highest price tags will end up and it is the pedigrees that decide.

Jörgen Westholm has built up his successful stable with a different starting point.

– I have spent a lot of time studying what a trotting horse should look like to work well, says Jörgen.

– Not as much time as Tarzan but enough because I’m safe when I only go by the look when I buy young horses.

Jörgen has four V75 horses to Umeå.

Castor the Star (V75-1) is violently quick to start, favored by the distance and probably a little better than last time.

Shoes behind this time?

Tiny toe shoes. It means nothing.

Fabulous Pellini can perhaps give the favorite a match if she performs at the top. But must be terribly good if she is to go outside and hit Castor The Star.

Strong Heartbeat (V75-4)?

– It was the victory that smoked when he galloped last. This time it will be a Norwegian main team that I pull up on the last long side. Strong Heartbeat has a high capacity and he is in the battle for victory.

Two horses in the V75 finish.

Gardner Shaw (V75-7) was fine in the year debut. He is quick to start, speedy and thrives in the lead and can definitely win.

Digital Dominance has top form and is also worth a dash, says Jörgen.

Fat jackpot millions attract. But if we are to avoid a new five-court theft from ATG, it must rattle in the Stodivisionen.

There is also hope for a surprise in Class II.

I put the first line Nils Zonett (V75-2) but there will be ample fencing.

The total doors one last time.

Some courses still have this obvious service.

But it’s unfortunate that ST does not order all courses that he at least one toto hatch open.

But you do not dare …