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Who did Chris Harrison call? What happened to Colton's ring scene? Your burning Bachelor questions answered

A missing star. No final rose ceremony. The last couple is out.

Colton Underwood'S season of The bachelor was the most daring outing of the franchise system so far, with such new things in its 17-year history.

And yet for Robert Mills, ABC's senior vice president, alternative series, specials & late-night programming, felt strangely old.

"I actually think that this was a classic bachelor season," Mills told E! News on the phone.

Still, the manager noted that the show had done many things she'd never done before in Colton's season. So she could not even film a final Rose ceremony and show the producers and the camera team more than ever before.

While Colton found his own version with happy ending Cassie RandolphWe still had a lot of questions about his season and his decisions The bachelor including how they dealt with the infamous fence jump, why certain scenes were cut and much more.

Luckily, Mills was ready to spill tea.

Before Colton, has any lead ever tried to leave or quit the show?

Type of.

"There have always been points where they said," I'm done with it, because it's exhausting, "Mills said. "As wonderful as it is to spend all this time thinking about yourself and your feelings and everything else, it's also incredibly exhausting."

Yes, most leads have all reached a break point, but no, no one has ever existed literally ran away before production.

"I do not think anyone could, who could overcome the fence ?!" Mills said. It was so audible that it was so audible that he called that way, he somehow dropped everyone's pants down, the other people, you could talk more about it, I think, nothing so difficult, because it's almost impossible to tear it down. "

May Leads Always Keep Their Purse?

A small detail that caught the attention of the audience when Colton jumped to Cassie's outburst in front of the fence in front of the fence, he went to his room to pack his purse before disappearing in the Portuguese countryside in the middle of the night.

While we know that no one on the show can keep his cell phone, we never thought about whether or not they kept their IDs or passports.

"They need your ID and you need stuff," Mills said. "You do not have a phone, but you must have a wallet, a passport, and everything else."

Who was Chris Harrison talking to on the phone after Colton jumped the fence?

As you might have guessed, the host named the franchise creator Mike Fleiss to inform him about the situation.

Did ABC freak out when they heard Colton run away?

It's not every day that you get a call that the star of your show is lost. While Mills, who was not in Portugal when the fence jump took place, said he was "obviously worried" when he heard it, he did not know how crazy it was until he saw the jump.

"When you hear about it, you think, well, it can not be what I imagine, then you see the material and it's like, wow, it's even more dramatic and impressive than I ever imagined it would be . "

When the production found Colton, Mills said, "We quickly went into triage mode, OK, that's how he feels, here's what he wants to do, fortunately, we do not let anyone make any moves or make appointments on them not invest. " do not want it. "

What happened to this scene where Colton held a ring box in the promo?

Many fans were waiting for a suggestion, or at least a final Rose ceremony, when Colton had seen a promo ring in the promo scene that annoyed the rest of the season. It turned out that the franchise borrowed a step from scripts such as Game of Thrones and shot the scene just to keep viewers away from the scent.

"I'll tell you that's actually me, I asked the producers to shoot that as a red herring, basically just to shoot him, because after all that happened … we can drop people off. "

It also helped to keep a secret about the much hyped fence jump: "A lot of it was that we knew that the signature moment jumped over the fence and could not figure out when it was or what the circumstances were, so that was Case Why did we do everything we could do with Misleads? "

What happened to this scene when Hannah B. returned to the show after being eliminated?

Another moment from the promos that was nowhere to be found when the rest of the season was aired? Hannah B., our new bachelorette, appeared after his departure when Colton was in her state (Alabama) for his home date Hannah Godwin,

Some speculated that the producers had decided to remove Hannah's return after they decided that she would be the next bachelorette because it would make her look bad or still not look like Colton. (Guilty!)

Unfortunately, it was not a big conspiracy, as the scene was "really out of time, I wish it was a nastier thing, it was just as easy because sometimes 84 minutes are not enough time," Mills explained.

And fans can assume that ABC will likely be put online as a deleted scene.

Have you considered performing another Final Rose ceremony?

Some viewers found it somewhat staggering to hug from Colton and Cassie right after their nightly meeting, to the couple who sat down with Chris Harrison during the live special. Producers had never considered holding yet another Final Rose ceremony (though they had set it up and filmed Colton, who considered the ringbox misguided).

"Colton did it really well, he was a very good ginger at the whole thing and he knew it [Cassie] I was really weapon-shy here and took one step at a time, "Mills said. I think this last rose ceremony, even without a suggestion, would feel right … at this point he was just trying to regain it. "

Did Neil Lane turn up and give this random couple an engagement ring during a three-hour live live party because there was no suggestion at the end of the season?

Another of our conspiracy theory was unmasked! "Interesting, but no, it did not work that way," Mills said. The decision fell again on timing and logistics. "We had to live a third hour, and what could we do with real operations? That was it, it was a suggestion.

"What I wanted, and if we do it again, was a shock to undergraduate moments," he continued. "It might be a suggestion, but it could be someone who wants to quit his job live on TV or say he's expecting something – something that's just one of those big bachelor moments."

How do you choose the candidates who can meet the Bachelorette early?

During the last three After the Final Roses follow The bachelor Finally, the new Bachelorettes have begun their season this evening by meeting five of their applicants. Hannah Brown continued this tradition during the special on Tuesday and even distributed her first rose.

In selecting the five men who make their first impression early, Mills said, "It's obvious who has the ideas that are tailored for live television, it can be very simple, it will be memorable and the boys, that will do that You want to pick five types that are all different, so you'll get a different type for everyone. "

To the other men we say (and Hannah): Try harder!

Why did not there be two to one this season?

One of the most important and memorable moments in each season of the show is usually the two-to-one date when two enemies compete against each other. One stays one (or both) goes. Consider Bachelor Thunderdome.

Many fans immediately assumed that the BFFs, competitors Hannah B. and Caelynn Miller-Keyes were destined to locate their mysterious Festival Beef on a remote island, that never happened. Ditto, when it came to that Demi Burnett and their multiple feuds Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-AlvarThe bullying debate and other mini-clashes that have failed throughout the season.

Considering how epic the data was in the past (Who can forget that? Ashley Iaconetti vs Kelsey Poe or Chad Johnson vs Alex Woytkiw?), producers now have a high standard for which showdowns deserve two-to-one treatment.

"One of our rules now is that there is no two-to-one unless it's really earned," Mills said. "If they're great, they're somehow iconic, and if they're not, they just compare them to the others."

Will we continue to drive more camera teams and producers?

In recent seasons, viewers behind the curtain have had brief insights. The fourth wall collapsed at the end of the season thanks to Colton's fence jump and the ensuing chaos. But do not expect this wall to collapse.

"With the Colton thing, after the fence, there was simply no way to not show the fourth wall, and how you got there," Mills said, adding, "It has to be situational, you do not want to make it easy to do it."

But the franchise has been more willing to try new things in recent seasons. Mills explains that they only need to maintain the "guardrails". These include simple things like leading a lead, the applicants and Chris Harrison, as well as hometown data. Fantasy Suites, etc., which are now even considered "loose rules".

"Nothing is forbidden, it just keeps going, and not because, oh, that's something else or something we have not seen yet," Mills said.

The Bachelorette Premiere Monday, May 13 at 8 pm. on ABC.

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