‘Who has stolen the month of April’, more verses from Sabina for a solidarity cause

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“Who stole the month of April / how could it happen to me / who stole the month of April / kept it in the drawer / where I keep my heart”. Master Sabina’s verses always work as a powerful medicine against melancholy or sadness They are soul pains, but now they will also help a less poetic pain, the one that is opening up the channel to tens of thousands of Spanish families from whom the coronavirus has stolen the month of April and the support for their children.

That harsh reality is what encouraged Jesús Linares and his partner, singer Rebeca Jiménez, to think about what they could do to contribute their grain of sand to that mountain of solidarity that has been rising in our country since the beginning of the crisis and confinement, more than a month and a half ago ago. Linares, who at the time created the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa Concerts platform, took advantage today, the last day of April, to launch a version of ‘Who stole the month of April 2020’, by Joaquín Sabina, in which around twenty artists collaborate from their homes, including singers, actors and poets.

There, for example, is the writer Benjamin Prado, a good friend of the troubadour from Úbeda, with whom he has worked on many record and editorial projects. Also participating are Alexis Díaz Pimienta or Josemi Sagaste, sabina saxophonist, who has made the clarinet solo in this solidary version, which can already be seen on different digital platforms.

The objective is to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to fight Covid-19. Contributions can be made through the link to the MSF page or through a donation of 1.20 euros by sending an SMS sending ‘APRIL’ to 28033. Everything can be shared on social networks through the hashtag #SinFronterasEnCasa .

It is not the first time that Sabina’s verses have been helping the coronavirus cause against ravages. His version by another twenty artists from ‘Let’s say I speak of Madrid’ has already been launched into cyberspace as a support for health personnel who are on the front line of battle.

On this occasion, ‘Who has stolen the month of April’, distributed by Altafonte under the label Tormenta and Mezcal Magic Records, has been released on all digital platforms (Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon …). In addition to the aforementioned artists, Andrés Suárez, Elvira Sastre, Zenet, Mäbu, Travis Birds, Rebeca Jiménez, Lucía Jiménez, Nat Simons, Juan Zelada, Litus, Maximiliano Calvo, Lucas Masciano, Cris Méndez, Txetxu Altube, have collaborated on the project. David Castro, Daniel Hare, Juan Espiga (Club del Rio) and Mi Hermano y Yo.

The project is developed from #ConciertosYoMeQuedoEnCasa, a platform for daily concerts (music and poetry) through live shows on Instagram, which Jesús Linares and Rebeca Jiménez created at the start of the pandemic and which since March 16 has already broadcast 80 concerts .



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