Who is better prepared for 5G? China – and not the US


The loss in leadership in 5G could affect the economy of a country. James Martin / CNET In the race to implement the 5G wireless technology , China is positioned to lead the world. At least that is what indicates a study directed by Analysys Mason. The study concluded that China has the best combination of wireless operators that are backing the new technology, government support for research, a clear deployment plan for 2020 and the government’s commitment to spectrum or radio waves that They are key to delivering wireless service. After China are South Korea, the United States and Japan, according to the firm. The study is the latest to join the hype surrounding 5G, the next generation of cellular technology, which is expected to be significantly faster and with better response, in addition to enhancing other areas of technology such as autonomous cars or services from streaming of virtual reality.

But the reality is that there have been many promises in recent years; Several companies and governments have been trying to put the pieces together for 5G to work. The study, commissioned by CTIA (the cell industry union in the US), seems to be aimed at encouraging the US government to let go of regulations and spectrum access so that 5G can be deployed. CTIA represents operators such as Verizon and AT & T. And this could work, considering the White House’s position regarding 5G. After all, this government would have considered the idea of ​​creating a nationalized 5G network. Donald Trump ended the acquisition of Qualcomm by Broadcom due to the risk that the US I lost the leadership in 5G. Telephone companies in the USA They are looking to take the lead. Verizon and AT & T expect to launch 5G services this year, and T Mobile Y Sprint They are rolling out technology this year and a wider release in 2019. But it’s not clear how broad those services will be at launch.

The loss of leadership in the adoption of 5G could affect the economy, according to another Recon Analytics study commissioned by CTIA. “When countries lose global leadership in a generation of wireless technology, jobs are lost and technology innovation is exported abroad,” said Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics.


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