Who is Dominique, Bernard Tapie’s wife for more than thirty years ?

Who is Dominique, Bernard Tapie’s wife for more than
 thirty years ?

The sky of the clan Tapie has darkened heavily in this month of January 2018. Overwhelmed by his stomach cancer, the famous businessman aged 74 just suffered a ‘Heavy’ operation “Planned for several weeks” at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris. It’s on September 25th that Dominique, Bernard Tapie’s wife, announced the terrible news at Agence France-Presse when the disease was declared three months earlier. “He has stomach cancer with an enlargement on the bottom of the esophagus, she said, as reported at the time Europe 1. He is treated by the oncology department of the hospital by an adapted chemotherapy program. It is hoped that surgery will be possible before the end of the year. ” From his hospital bed, transferred “For several days” in the intensive care unit, Bernard Tapie fights like a beautiful devil to hope for survival. At his bedside, his wife Dominique, the only point of information of his state of health. Born in the 10th district of Paris in May 1950, the now 67-year-old housewife met the love of her life in her youth while working for one of her businesses as an accountant assistant. She is engaged, married to Michèle Layec, the mother of her two first children Nathalie and Stéphane, they put everything to live their idyll. If Bernard Tapie faces the disease for several months, for his part, Dominique Mialet-Damianos is not left out. “His pounding nature, she explained to AFP, and the affection of his family, his loved ones but also the wonderful testimonials of encouragement he receives make us optimistic. ” After marrying the former singer in 1987, on the Greek lands where his family is from, she will always be there to defend him. In 1997 when he was held in solitary confinement in the Paris Health Prison as in 2013, during the Crédit Lyonnais affair. 31 years of marriage and two beautiful older children later, Laurent’s mom and Sophie is always there to watch over him, fortunately very surrounded for this new blow …

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