Who is Francisco Bustillo, the new Uruguayan chancellor friend of Alberto Fernández

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Only four months after taking office and after several friction with the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, Ernesto Talvi resigned from his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs and it will be replaced Francisco Bustillo, a “personal friend” of the president Alberto Fernández.

While the output of Winter it was a fact, in his resignation letter he clarified that his intention had been to stay in office until the end of the year, when Uruguay will no longer have the pro tempore presidency of the Mercosur, in order to finalize some agreements and resume the negotiations with Canada, Singapore and South Korea. However, the differences with Lacalle Pou they accelerated the decision of the now ex-chancellor. In fact, they are advancing the preparations for the arrival of Bustillo from Spain (where he served as ambassador) this weekend, since the departure of Talvi would be imminent, according to what he pointed out. The Observer.

Fransico Bustillo was ambassador to Argentina between 2005 and 2010. Credit: Telam

The next chancellor of Uruguay is a known from the Fernández Administration: assumed the embassy in Argentina in 2005 –Year when it was unleashed the conflict over the pasteras– and remained in office until 2010. Despite the change in context, the good relationship between Alberto Fernández and Bustillo continued to the point that was one of the guests at Fernández’s first dinner in Olivos, behind the presidential assumption.

Worn out by fights with the president, Uruguay’s foreign minister resigned

Months before, during the Fernández’s tour of Madrid, the then candidate stayed at the Uruguayan residence. “I am receiving a friend beyond the current situation. And it will continue to be as long as we are friends, “Bustillo clarified to El Observador in 2019. Last February, during Fernández’s official visit to Spain, the President met Bustillo again at the official residence.

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On the other hand, it remains to know how it will rearm the Uruguayan intern. After 15 years of rule by the Frente Amplio, ‘the white’ Lacalle Pou came to the presidency with a ‘multi-colored coalition’ integrated by the National Party and the Colorado, among others. The former chancellor is likely to seek to regain leadership of Ciudadanos But how will the colorados look now that Talvi left one of the most important positions in the cabinet? In this scenario, it emerged that they could keep the new Ministry of the Environment, once it has been created.



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