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Who is GBBO winner Rahul Mandal?


Week 1: Biscuit week

Signature: Regional biscuits

Rahul's fennel and coconut Pitcaithly Bannock got a poor rating from Prue, who said, "I do not think the fennel has the flavor you thought he had."

Kim-Joy's Orange Blossom York biscuits were described by Prue as "absolutely exquisite". Paul said it was a "nicely balanced biscuit" with "nice flavors".

Technically: cartwheel

Kim-Joy finished tenth of the 13 bakers, while Rahul finished seventh.

Showstopper: biscuit selfie portrait

Paul's first spring in Britain impressed Paul with the description that it was a well-baked biscuit that was combined with the design for a "great job".

Kim-Joy's "Me at Miyajima Shrine", according to Prue, had "amazing decorations," but she said it could do with a bit more spice.

Week two: cake week

Signature: Traybake

Kim-Joy's Pandan Leaf Chiffon Cake was described by Prue as "really elegant," while Paul said the textures were perfect, though he did not like the taste.

Rahul's lemon and cardamon tray tasted "beautiful" according to Paul.

Technical: La gateu vert

Kim-Joy finished fourth behind Rahul, who finished second.

Showstopper: chocolate collar cake

Kim-Joy's Yuzu & Raspberry Genoise Cat Cake impressed with looks, but was "a bit too dry," according to Paul.

Rahul's Chocolate Orange Layer Cake provided a "Wow" by Prue at the presentation alone and earned him a Hollywood handshake – the first in the show's history for a showstopper.

Star Baker: Rahul

THREE WEEK: bread week

Signature: Chelsea rolls

Rahul's Mango and Cranberry Take looked "messy," according to Prue, but she enjoyed the contrast between sweet and spicy and Paul said it was "perfectly baked".

Kim Joy's Pistachio & Cardamom Tangzhong has been criticized for tasting too delicate.

Technically: garlic naan bread

Kim-Joy came at the bottom of the pack for her uncooked "inedible" loaves, while Rahul finished fourth.

Showstopper: Korovai

Kim-Joy's Orange Cranberry & Kit-Ovai & # 39; s; was a bit of cake, according to Paul & # 39; cake & # 39; and took another half hour.

Rahul's garden wedding Korovai was described by Paul as "fantastic" and won Prue's appreciation for the decoration.

Star Baker: Rahul

WEEK FOUR: dessert week

Signature: meringue roulade

Kim Joy's Sweet Dreams Roulade had "exquisite pastings," but an "awkward roulade," Prue said, but she added to her taste.

Rahul's rhubarb and custard roulade was criticized for its lack of spirals and took longer to bake, but was praised for a "delicious interior".

Technical: Blancmange

Kim-Joy finished sixth from sixth and Rahul was fourth in the lead.

Showstopper: Melting chocolate ball desserts

Rahul's Opera Cake with Kalash Inspired Dome received high praise for his & # 39; nice appearance and Prue & # 39; s; loved the taste. & # 39;

Kim-Joy's Melting Chocolate Galaxy received a thundering applause after discovering orange-flavored turtles that were "delicious".

Week five: spice week

Signature: ginger cake

Rahul's Bonfire Night Caramel Ginger Cake was, according to Prue, "pleasant to watch" and "lovely and gingery", while Paul called him a "little genius", which earned him a second Hollywood handshake.

Kim-Joy's Stem Ginger Cake with poached pears was described by Prue as "the most beautiful texture" and the "wonderfully balanced" flavors gave her her first Hollywood handshake.

Technically: Maamoul

Kim-Joy finished fourth, while Rahul finished third.

Showstopper: biscuit chandelier

Rahul's Durga Puja Cardamon Chandelier was a bit messy, says Paul, but he said the taste was nice.

Kim-Joy's Christmas Spiced Iced Chandelier was called "splendid" by Paul, who said it was "very well thought out".

Star Baker: Kim-Joy

Week six: Pastry week

Signature: Samosas

Kim-Joy's flavors of Indian samosas "were missing something" but had "perfect" pastries, according to Paul.

Meanwhile, Rahul Paneer Singara and Misti Singara Samosas of Prue have been described as "absolutely delicious", earning him his third Hollywood handshake.

Technically: Puit d & # 39; amour

Kim-Joy finished fifth and Rahul came in third.

Showstopper: Majestic cake

Kim-Joy's Silke the vegetarian mermaid won praise for looks and taste, but was disappointed with the dense pastry.

Rahul's Butterfly Pie was a bit wet, but rescued herself with "perfectly blended" spices.

Week seven: Vegan week

Signature: Hearty tarts

Rahul's Ghungi Chat and Coriander Posto & Veg tartlets were dropped for overcrowding, but Ghungi Chat described Prue as "poetry."

Kim-Joy's Mascarpone Squirrel and Broccoli & Tomato Tartlets earned her second Hollywood handshake thanks to her "very good job".

Technical: Vegan tropical fruit pavlova

Kim-Joy scored her lowest last place, while Rahul won his first technical challenge

Showstopper: vegan celebration cake

Kim-Joy's Lavender & Lemon Fox Cake has been described as a "delicious cake" thanks to the well-crafted taste balance.

Rahul's chocolate coconut layer cake with raspberry jam was "weakened" by the coconut drizzle and tasted "too much" coconut.

Star Baker: Kim-Joy

WEEK EIGHT: Danish week

Signature: Smørrebrød

Kim-Joys Bumblebee eggs and Fish Smørrebrød were praised as "authentic," but the bread was not stiff enough for Paul.

Rahul's smoked salmon and roasted vegetables Smørrebrød had created a very dense rye bread and was described by Paul as "terrible".

Techical: Aebleskiver

Rahul's burnt pancakes brought him when Kim-Joy finished second.

Showstopper: Kagekone

Rahul's Indian king Kagekone was criticized by both judges for being overcooked.

Prue had never seen "more exquisite pastings" than Kim-Joy's Off to the Opera Kagekone, though the taste was "baked and drenched" to bring the baker to tears.

WEEK Nine: Semi-final Patisserie Week

Signature: dipped Madeleines

Rahul's Orange Curd and Raspberry & Lemon Madeleine impressed and although the raspberry taste did not rise so well, the oranges were "yummy" according to Paul.

Kim-Joy's Orange Bunny and Ginger & Lemon Madeleines were "beautiful ice creams" but had too much baking soda and were slightly tasteless.

Technically: Torta setteveli

After Kim-Joy was moved to tears by the chocolate mousse, he finished second while Rahul finished fourth.

Showstopper: Parisian patisserie window

Kim-Joy's Passionfruit & Meringue, Orange Religions and Lemon & Blueberry Mille-Feuille were too big and not tender enough, according to Paul, while the latter looked "boring". However, there was a lot of praise for their flavors.

Rahul's Classic Fruit Tarts, Caramel Eclairs and Lemon & Blueberry Mille-Feuille were "unfinished" because Paul was not glazed and was a "boring" eclair. Although he could redeem himself with the Mille-Feuille.




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