Who is in the semifinals today? who is out These couples are still in the running

In the 15th season of “Let’s Dance” in 2022, 14 celebrities will once again venture onto the dance floor together with professional dancers – after meeting each other for the first time in the big introductory show.

  • This Friday, May 13th, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL, the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance” 2022 will take place.
  • Four couples are still fighting for the title “Dancing Star 2022”.
  • In episode 10, Sarah Mangione had to go last.

“Let’s Dance”: These couples are still in the semifinals today

Six dance couples are still in the running today in the semi-finals (episode 11) of May 13, 2022 of “Let’s Dance”.

The dances today in the semifinals of “Let’s Dance” 2022

  • René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger danced a Charleston to “Charleston” by Sam Levine and a contemporary to “Silhouette” by Aquilo.
  • Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató dance a quick step to “Valerie” by Amy Winheouse and a tango to “Symphony 40” by WA Mozart.
  • Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sándor Cseke dance a paso doble to “Aroul” by Taalbi Brothers and a rumba to “Arráncame” by Vanessa Martín.
  • Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin dance a quick step to “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Phil Collins and a contemporary to “Perfectly Impferfect” by Declan J Donovan.

Dance off for Sarah Mangione in episode 10

At the end of episode 10 it is Sarah Mangione (31) who unfortunately does not make it to the semifinals. Despite her great performance of a rhythmic Charleston and with a rumba, she shows a side of herself that, according to Jorge, “gives Mr. Llambi fantasies”, her journey on “Let’s Dance” is over after the round of 16.

Bastian Bielendorfer had to go in episode 9

“That wasn’t enough for me for the round of 16,” commented Joachim Llambi on his dance. In the past few weeks he got Bastian Bielendorfer (37) again and again the lowest jury rating. But the viewers have the last word – and they called diligently in the previous episodes. In episode 9, however, it wasn’t enough for the comedian.

Mike Singer has to leave “Let’s Dance” in episode 8

After the Easter break, seven couples swept the floor again on “Let’s Dance”. It was the last time for Mike Singer. The singer and his dance partner Christina Luft were able to get a decent 22 points from the jury with their tango performance. But in the end it’s the audience who decides. Unfortunately, too few of them called for Mike Singer.

Actor Timur Ülker had to leave in episode 7

He already had a bad feeling. And was right in the end: Timur Ulker (32) had to in episode 7 walk. The actor was recently awarded for his Viennese waltz to “Sex On Fire“ von Kings of Leon too few audience votes.

“I’m not entirely satisfied.”

Timur Ülker after his performance

The 19 points from the jury, combined with the audience votes, were not enough to progress.

Off for Caroline Bosbach in episode 7: Out again after the return of “Let’s Dance”.

Corona is really messing up the current “Let’s Dance” season. But that’s not all: Schlager star Michelle left the dance show for health reasons and didn’t even start in episode 6. This brought the already eliminated in episode 5 Caroline Bosbach (32) and her dance partner Valentin Lusin (35) a second chance. But that didn’t last long. The dancing couple didn’t have much time to prepare for the show. The jury gave her performance only 16 points. Apparently the two couldn’t convince the audience either – Caroline Bosbach is out again.

“Let’s Dance” 2022: Off for Michelle before episode 6 – Caroline Bosbach returns today

That comes as a surprise! pop star Michelle (50) leaves “Let’s Dance” 2022 before episode 6 – for good! Although singer Michelle loves to dance so much, she can no longer take part in the RTL show. The reason is severe back problems.

According to the doctor’s orders, sport is absolutely taboo for Michelle in the coming weeks. The musician can therefore no longer train and has to find a partner Christian Polanc say goodbye to “Let’s Dance”.

According to RTL, Caroline Bosbach, who left last week, and her dance partner Valentin Lusin will return in episode 6.

For Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lusin, that means luck in disguise: the two can return to “Let’s Dance” and will dance again on Show 6. Welcome back, dear ones!

RTL on Michelle’s “Let’s Dance” end

“Let’s Dance”-Aus for Caroline Bosbach in episode 5

for Caroline Bosbach (32) “Let’s Dance” 2022 is over. The daughter of the longtime CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach (69) was unable to convince either the jury or the audience with her Slow Fox on Show 5 on Friday evening. After her performance with Tanzpartner Valentin Lusin (35) there was criticism from the jury. “You’re a good student, but you haven’t learned much,” said the juror Jorge gonzalez. His colleague Joachim Llambi stated: “Slow foxtrot has already cost many people their heads here.” It is a really difficult dance. In the end, Caroline and Valentin also failed in the audience voting and had to leave the show.

Episode 5: Corona failures again on “Let’s Dance” 2022

Episode 5 of “Let’s Dance” 2022 has the motto “Made in Germany”. Accordingly, the dance couples will perform on Friday, March 25th. to German songs or hits by German artists.

Once again “Let’s Dance” has to cope with corona failures. In episode 5, the artist René Casselly, presenter Daniel Hartwich and professional dancer Renata Lusin are suspended due to infections with Covid-19.

Episode 5 on “Let’s Dance”: This moderator replaces Daniel Hartwich

Due to the absence of Daniel Hartwich Victoria Swarovski in the 5th live show of “Let’s Dance” by Jan Koppen supports!

The 39-year-old from Giessen is best known for the TV shows “Ninja Warrior”, “Top Dog Germany” and as “Kuppel-Köppi” on “Take Me Out”. Now he can venture into new territory and evaluate the dance couples this Friday evening according to their performances.

The “Let’s Dance” fans are already looking forward to Daniel Hartwich’s representation online. “It’ll be fun” or “Perfect, a good choice” are just two of the countless user comments.

“Let’s Dance”: RTL sent two couples home

In the show on Friday, March 18, 2022, three celebrities returned to the regular field of candidates: Caroline Bosbach, Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Timur Ülker. They were canceled in episode 3 because of Corona. A week ago, therefore, no couple had to leave the floor as losers.

Riccardo Basile (30) and dance partner Isabel Edvardsson (39) couldn’t get enough calls from viewers. There was also criticism for the salsa from juror Joachim Llambi. The performance of the sports presenter lacked fire. “It was such a German salsa dance,” says Llambi. Riccardo Basile has to leave the show.

are also outside Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (49) and professional dance partner Andrzej Cibis (34). It is the second time for the entrepreneur. Actually, she had to leave in the second show. Due to the corona-related failure of Hardy Krüger Jr., however, she was allowed to move up again. But now it’s finally over for her.

That’s never been the case with “Let’s Dance”: No dancing couple was thrown out in episode 3 – there was a bonus point for that

Update from 03/12/2022: That’s never been the case with “Let’s Dance”. Due to the three corona failures, NO couple was eliminated in episode 3. This was announced by RTL. Only nine couples competed – none of whom had to worry about being eliminated.

Instead, viewers could use their calls to decide who gets a bonus point for the next week: René Casselly (25) has danced an advantage for the next episode.

Actually, 12 couples should perform on the dance floor in the 3rd “Let’s Dance” show. But unfortunately there are only 9 pairs. And that’s why there is an innovation that has never been seen before in “Let’s Dance”…

RTL on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/letsdance/)

Update from 03/11/2022: New corona shock with “Let’s Dance” 2022: Three celebrities are absent in episode 3 because of a Covid 19 infection: Actors Timur Ulker (32), Politician Caroline Bosbach (32) and Entrepreneur Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (49) were tested positive and, according to RTL, have to suspend this Friday.

The celebrities have to prove their dancing skills again at “Let’s Dance” 2022. Sitting on the jury again Joachim Llambi (57), Motsi Mabuse (40) and Jorge Gonzalez (54) and judge the performances of the prominent dancers.

Surprising end for Cheyenne Ochsenknecht

for Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (21) and her dance partner Evgeny Vinokurov (31) “Let’s Dance” ends in 2022 after the second episode. For the 21-year-old, this decision comes out of nowhere: “I don’t even know what to say,” she said. The mixture of 15 jury points and calls from the audience was not enough for the dancing couple to get through to the next round.

The departure is completely incomprehensible for both of them, as they did in the live stream on the “Let’s Dance”Instagram– Show account clearly. Evgeny admits that he doesn’t like to lose and vents his displeasure: “I think the jury made idiotic comments.”

After Hardy Krüger jr.: Princess Lilly von Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg returns

for Hardy Kruger Jr. (53) the “Let’s Dance” end is certain: After the actor had to sit out the first show due to his corona infection, further corona tests were also positive – there was also bad bronchitis. As RTL has now announced that Hardy will be out for the rest of the season due to health reasons. That opens Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (49) now new doors: Although she was the first to drop out, she can return to the show and show her skills again in episode two on the dance floor. However, she does not become her actual dance partner Andrzej Cibis (34) stand by, as he announces in an RTL statement:

Lilly is back on “Let’s Dance” and I’m very happy for her. Unfortunately she has to make it without me this week. She will be dancing with someone else as I am in quarantine. I’m fine, I have to wait the days now. And of course I wish all participants a great show and a great performance – especially my Lilly.

Andrzej Cibis

Dance off for Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

for Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (49) had it with her dance partner after the performance Andrzej Cibis (34) unfortunately danced out straight away. With their cha cha cha to “Waiting For A Star To Fall” by “Boy Meets Girl” they could not convince and have to go to show 1. The jury gave the performance only 11 points and the audience votes didn’t save them either.

These celebrities are still part of “Let’s Dance” 2022 in episode 5

Keep fighting for victory

  • Young politician and author Caroline Bosbach (32)
  • athlete Mathias Mester (35)
  • singer Michelle (49)
  • actress Sarah Mangione (31)
  • actor Timur Ulker (32)
  • Musician Mike Singer (22)
  • circus performer René Casselly (25)
  • moderator Amira Pocher (29)
  • moderator Janin Ullmann (40)
  • Comedian Bastian Bielendorfer (37)
  • Sportmoderator Riccardo Basile (30)
  • actor Hardy Kruger Jr. (53) (he dropped out of the first show but was allowed back into the second show)

Shock before the first dance show: Hardy Krüger jr. was cancelled!

For Hardy Krueger Jr. and Patricia Ionel (27) it was not called “Let’s Dance” on Friday. Since the actor tested positive for the corona virus, the dancing couple had to sit out the first show. This is reported by RTL. Hardy is doing well despite the infection, it is said.