Who is Jason Momoa’s new hot partner

Traditionally dating back to time immemorial, standing on the threshold of each new year, people wish good luck to meet the coming twelve months, making it their faithful companion until the next change of calendar. For Jason Momoa, however, 2022 came not with success, but with an accident that ended his marriage to Lisa Bonet, from whom he has two children. The news of their separation caused a real stir in the industry, as the couple looked like one of the most stable couples in the Mecca of cinema. But as often happens in life, and even more so in show business, not everything is as it seems …

The breakdown in their relationship quickly became the most widely circulated topic in the overseas press, trying to find out the reason behind it, especially after the official statement of the stars with whom they announced their divorce, they said that although they are releasing from each other, the love between them continues to connect them. However, no matter how much they dug around the events in their joint history, the American media never managed to understand why it ended abruptly. That’s why they eventually left the actors alone, replacing their names in the titles of their posts with those of other celebrities whose problems are far clearer, proving once again that every miracle, be it Hollywood, actually lasts. no more than three days …

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Now, however, Jason’s name has surfaced in the press again, and it seems that he will stay there for now, as the reason for his appearance is his romance with his colleague Aisa Gonzalez. And while she is still relatively unknown in our country, the situation in the United States is a little different, because she has long been in the spotlight of tabloids, since she met the ex-husband of the singer Fergie from the group “Black Eyed Peas” – Josh Duhamel. However, the more memorable moviegoers undoubtedly remember her as the stunning CT from “Bloodshot”. The comic book based on the comic book of the same name made its debut even before the period of social isolation during the pandemic. The story of soldier Ray Garrison, who was killed but later turned into a superman by the secret corporation RST, definitely appealed to visual art lovers. The name of Vin Diesel, who played the main character, undoubtedly attracted the interest of viewers to the action, but what caught their attention was the presence of the beautiful Ace Gonzalez.

Her natural beauty amazed the general public in the first scene in which the actress appeared, making most people wonder who she is and why only now Hollywood is directing the spotlight to her. However, the truth is that the popularity of the sexy brunette came 9 years ago, when she entered the image of Santanico Pandemonium in the series “From Dusk Till Dawn”, based on the film, written by Tarantino. Unfortunately, the series did not cause enough noise in our country.

But if you strain your mind a little, you can’t help but remember that you saw Ace in 3 other box office smashers – “Alita: Battle Angel” by James Cameron, “Behind the Wheel” and “Fast and Furious: Hobbes and Shaw” “. Of course, so far her role in “Bloodshot” remains her most recognizable performance, followed by the heels of “Godzilla vs. Kong” and “Ambulance”, soon on the small screens in America is expected to launch a new series with her participation – “Extrapolations”

And since Gonzalez caused a real sensation among moviegoers, we will now present her story, following her path to fame.

Ace Gonzalez Reina was born on January 30, 1990 in Caborca, Mexico. She inherited her good genes from her mother Glenda, known in her homeland as a jury in the show “Mexico’s Next Top Model”, where she was invited as a former model and founder of the agency “Glenda Modeling Training”, which launched the careers of many celebrities today mexican models.

Photo: Official Instagram profile

Too little is known about Ace’s childhood, which remains a mystery to her fans. Her biography seems to begin at the age of 12, when she faces the inconsolable pain caused by the death of her father, who died in a car accident. His loss left a lasting imprint on the girl, who, for years after the death of her parent, suffered from severe depression.

My father and I had a wonderful relationship. We were very close. After he died, I found myself in a dark place where I saw no salvation“, the star admitted in a later interview with E News.

The only consolation, albeit short-lived, that he finds in that difficult time is nutrition. Trying to fill the void in her soul, she begins to eat excessively. This not only develops hyperphagia, but also dramatically increases its weight.

Her mother brings her out of the difficult situation, who through his personal example gives her the strength and confidence she needs to move forward.

My mother is an amazing woman. I admire her courage and endurance. She did not lose her positive attitude and continued to work so that she could provide a good life for me and my brother. She raised us all by herself … I adore her, she is my best friend, my rock!“, reveals the beauty.

Ace with her mother Glinda

Ace with her mother Glinda

Photo: Official Instagram profile

With the help of Glenda, in her teenage years, she not only lost the extra pounds that made her ashamed of her figure, but also discovered her great passion – acting. At the age of 13 she enrolled in courses at M&M Studio, and a year later she was accepted into the CEA (Centro de Educación Artística) of the media company Televisa. So soon she was noticed by the producer Pedro Diane, thanks to whom he got his first role in the youth Mexican telenovela “Lola, there was a time …”

When the show ended, she was 17 years old. Determined to hone her skills on camera, Ace left for New York with her mother, where she completed a three-month course at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. Returning to her homeland, she was immediately invited to appear in a number of television productions that won her several awards, one of which tore her away from her family for a year, taking her to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

But the incarnations in different images are not the only talent of Gonzalez, she is also gifted with a wonderful voice, which caught the attention of the record company “EMI Music group”, which immediately offered her a contract. This is how her first solo album “Contracorriente” appeared on the market in 2009, and the song “Mi Destino Soy Yo” included in it became a hit.

She made her film debut a few years later as ballet student Christina in the comedy drama “Casi 30”. So far, however, all of her characters speak Spanish, which means that her fame extends only to the borders of her country. Therefore, convinced of her own abilities, in the summer of 2013 she moved to Los Angeles with the intention of proving the truth of the claim that there is no limit to dreams … even if it means that she has to fight the ruthless competition in Hollywood.

And she does, in just a few months! Her appearance, along with her talents, open the heavy doors of the Mecca of cinema to her as if at the speed of light. In record time, she was among the cast of the series “From Dusk Till Dawn”, broadcast on the streaming platform Netflix. The series serves as a springboard for her career in the United States, and soon everyone in the community is familiar with her name.

The other bands he plays in are already mentioned at the beginning.

Ace keeps her private life away from the media, although the press often attributes romances with popular gentlemen to her. Years ago, many publications wrote that he had an intimate relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, but neither of them commented on whether this was true. The US tabloids then brought her together with NBA player Clay Thompson, but no evidence emerged to confirm that their love is real. Of all the publications published, only those describing her short-lived relationships with Liam Hemsworth and Josh Duhamel are credible. Before she became romantically involved with Jason Momoa, she dated Timothy Shalme, who was younger than her.

What few people know is that she is passionate about sports and tries to fill every free minute with movement. The brunette maintains her perfect figure with boxing training, and also loves to ride a bike, skate and ski. He says that he tries to run in nature almost every day, and if he accidentally misses it, he goes to the gym, where he indulges in cardio exercises.