Who is Jesus Santrich, member of the FARC?


Seusis Pausías Hernández Solarte, better known as Jesus Santrich , is a member of the now party Colombian Alternative Revolutionary Common Force ( FARC ), who was arrested on April 9 in a raid on his home.

Santrich was born in 1967, originally from the municipality of Toluviejo in the department of Sucre (north). He grew up with his parents, who were educators, and seven brothers.

He participated in the Communist Youth (JUCO) during his adolescence. He studied Law and Social Sciences at the University of Atlántico, where he was important representative student. He completed a postgraduate in History and worked as a professor.

According to local media, his alias is in honor of his best friend Jesus Santrich, who died in 1990 after a confusing fact in an establishment with agents of the now defunct Administrative Department of Security ( YOU GIVE ).

Join the FARC-EP

With 21 years of age, he joined the Front 19 of the insurgent group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP). Among its activities, it wrote communiqués, it was in the foundation of Radio Resistencia and it was linked to the structure of the Caribbean Block.

The loss of vision began at an early age, according to journalist Jorge Enrique Botero, since at 14 years of age he could not see well, at the university part of his visual field was diminished and his right eye was little more than six years old. it turned off.

In 2008 he published the book Ancient Tayrona Tales, where he recounted the life of the indigenous peoples located in the Sierra Nevada.

Dialogue for peace

It was one of the important pieces in the dialogue table for peace in Colombia, held in Havana (Cuba). He drafted the agreement with the Government representative, Sergio Jaramillo.

He maintained a radical position in everything related to land tenure and other related issues, which is why there were several impasses with some members of the delegations.

House of Representatives Santrich was appointed as one of the representatives of the FARC in the Commission for Promoting and Verifying the Implementation of the Agreement (Csivi) and in September 2017 it was the third most voted in the party congress with 835 votes. He is currently detained and accused of alleged links to drug trafficking, while the other leaders of the FARC claim that the charges against him are a fabrication and may affect the application of the Peace Agreement signed in 2016 with the Colombian government. >> Colombia: Detention of Jesus Santrich violates the Peace Agreement?


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