who is Khassanbeck Tourchaev, the French "sniper" of Daesh?


Khassanbeck Tourchaev, a French of Chechen origin, is being tried on Thursday 7 November by the French courts. He is believed to have joined the ranks of the terrorist organization in Syria in 2013 and to have been a battalion commander and trained many snipers.
The 49-year-old man would have been one of the first foreigners to join Syria to challenge the regime of Bashar al-Assad, relates The Parisian Today in France. He would have won the ranks of Ahrar al Sham, a group close to Al Qaeda, then Daesh. According to a judgment of the Paris Investigation Chamber, he has for several months been in charge of a "fighting group" "explosive expert trainer" and specialist in the handling of precision rifles.

Judged by the Assize Court of Paris for "participation in a group to prepare crimes of attacks on terrorists", he denies the facts which are reproached to him. He simply confessed to patrolling, watching hostages and taking part in a battle near Aleppo on June 11, 2014.

He denies the will to commit attacks in Europe

Arrested in 2015 in Moldova, Khassanbeck Tourchaev said he never wanted to commit attacks in France. About his meeting with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he assures he was in danger and that he does not share the ideological options of the deceased caliph. He also reminded the investigator of his "gratitude" to France, who welcomed him after the Chechen wars.

Submissive comments and videos in her phone

But audio files discovered during the investigations demonstrate the opposite of what he tells. Indeed, in April 2015, the sniper would have incited his brother "to steal everything he can, (…) break everything, set fire because that's all that French garbage deservesKhassanbeck Tourchaev explains that these remarks were said to be the result of a "depression".

Hundreds of decapitation videos, sniper training and "assault tactics" manuals were found in his phone. "It was to dissuade (his) children from engaging in such abuses," he justified. For him, this case is part of a "plot hatched by the Russian secret service with the blatant complicity of the French justice".

A paranoid and dangerous man?

Considered by French intelligence as a "religious extremist", Khassanbeck Tourchaev would have a "severe paranoid personality disorder" sign of a "double dangerousness, both criminological and psychiatric", according to psychiatric experts.

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