Who is Rojean Kar, the influencer with whom Travis Scott would have cheated on Kylie Jenner?

These are turbulent times for the Kardashians, because they not only had to deal with the scandal of Tristan Thompson’s new cheating on Khloé, but now they face the rumors of infidelity of Travis Scott to Kylie Jenner with Rojean Kar.

She is an influencer who has more than 400 thousand followers on social networks and who has already been related to the rapper in the past, so many believe that it could be the couple’s final goodbye.

According to the theories that handle media such as Page Six, the singer would have been involved with the woman in the past, receiving forgiveness from the 25-year-old businesswoman in the well-being of his daughter, Stormi, but he would have reoffended in this regard.

According to the interpreter Highest in the room, he did not have any kind of link with Kar neither currently nor in the past, but rather He called her “a stranger” infiltrated a recording set after she uploaded videos of the artist working.

But who is Rojean Kar, the woman with whom they would have cheated on Kylie Jenner?

Although photos of her abound on social networks, not much is known about her life story. It is known that he is 27 years old and that he is dedicated to modeling.

The rapper was first romantically linked to the Instagram model in 2013. Later, They would also have had an approach when he was with Kylie Jenner, in 2017. According to the influencer’s version, they have established an intermittent relationship.

But to say that you don’t know me and that you have never been with me when you have definitely been with me, when everyone has seen you with me, when I have photos and videos of you with me? Let’s go”, he expressed in his Instagram stories when he found out that he denied it.

“You cheat on that bitch every night. The whole damn city sees it! Don’t do this,” she added.