Who is Sheyla Rojas’s boyfriend and what does he work for?

Sheyla Rojas returned to Lima a few days ago and did it with her boyfriend, the popular “Sir Winston”, who is actually called Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, a Mexican citizen construction and design entrepreneur.

Sheyla Rojas and Luis Miguel Galarza they met at a dinner, before the ex-driver of You are in All I returned to Peru, and at the exit all the romance began. Since then they passed eight months and the relationship is becoming stronger.

Antonio Pavón on Sheyla Rojas's boyfriend:

“Sir Winston”, the boyfriend of Sheyla RojasHe is a lover of luxury and comfort, just appreciate his house and the collection of cars that are displayed in his mansion in Mexico.

Sheyla Rojas was reunited with her son Antoñito and Antonio Pavón in Mexico


Sheyla RojasIt even revealed that wants to start a family with her Mexican boyfriend. “From day number 1 I told him and obviously before having a relationship with someone I wanted that to happen. An ideal person to form my family and obviously Luis meets all the requirements“said the model.