Who is the Mask? Relive online the chapters of November 21

The dolls were the protagonists in the double episode this Sunday in the best kept secret on television: Who is the Mask? One of them is precisely our researcher Lina Tejeiro. Relive the full episodes below by clicking on the images:

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After the character of Pez was put at risk, three new extraordinary beings arrive on the scene of the best kept secret on television to give everything in search of favoritism from both the public and our team of researchers. This time we meet Cayman, Rin Rin and Madremonte with three spectacular presentations.

After the impressive shows of our extraordinary beings, the public chooses their favorite character, who turns out to be Cayman after obtaining 46% of the votes. Llane, Lina Tejeiro, Juanda Caribe and Alejandra Azcárate save Rin Rin initially.

Who is the Mask?  Colombia Chapter 20

Four new characters face off in two musical duels of television’s best kept secret in Who is the Mask? Meanwhile, the team of researchers takes notes on each of the clues to try to decipher the true identities of the celebrities who are under the disguises of our extraordinary beings.

Piter Albeiro welcomes the team of researchers made up of Llane, Lina Tejeiro, Alejandra Azcárate and Juanda Caribe. In addition, it presents the first musical duel of the night that confronts the character of Tarantula with that of Doll.

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