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Who is William "Billy" Evans? New details about Elizabeth Holmes & # 39; fiancee

The supposed artist from Silicon Valley is engaged.

If you're new to Silicon Valley news, the name Elizabeth Holmes can not ring bells. After moving up the starting lineup for the Theranos Healthcare startup, which she took over as Managing Director in 2014, she was a promising new leader at the start of her career, a scam that "took years" of cheating on millions.

HBO released the documentary last Sunday Inventor: Looking for Blood in Silicon Valley, which details both the rise and fall of Silicon Valley's "darling".

Holmes was charged with criminal fraud after she and her former Thernaos COO Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani were charged with cheating on investors, doctors and patients. She claimed that a portable device called Edison could provide patients with a comprehensive blood test that would require only a single drop of blood. She has upheld her innocence and not admitted guilty. If convicted, she could spend decades in prison.

Among the details of her crimes, the documentary also showed that Holmes, 35, is engaged to a man named "William" Billy "Evans, 27.

So who is "William" Billy "Evans? Here's everything we know about Elizabeth Holly's fiancé.



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