Who needs LADA Niva on tracks?


LADA Niva on the tracks, what could be passable? Who needs such an all-terrain vehicle? And where to use it?

With technological progress, new technologies come. The auto industry does not stand still, and is constantly improving, new opportunities, technologies and desires appear. Even from the famous series of films "Taxi", viewers saw the caterpillar car of the protagonist – Peugeot 406, which was easily able to drive even large snowdrifts. Then it seemed to us only a fairy tale, but already in our time there is even a “Niva” with tracked wheels.

LADA Niva has always been famous for its ability to pass even difficult off-road sections, which even more expensive and larger SUVs could not handle. On social networks, photos of the “Niva” appeared, with caterpillar wheels installed. Such a LADA Niva is able to pass even through huge snowdrifts of snow without any special problems. For the northern regions of Russia, where the permafrost and meter drifts are permanent, this option is the most ultimate since you drive a Niva, which is unpretentious and reliable, but you also have caterpillar wheels that increase the passability level of this SUV several times .

In social networks, people thought this was a great modification for a domestic SUV. Until they found out the price of these tracked wheels. The cheapest set of auto tracks costs 260,000 rubles. This is the cost of a good LADA Niva supported, is the pleasure of such a lot of money? If the buyer lives in the city or where the winter is not particularly harsh, then definitely not worth it. In areas of taiga, tundra, in the far north, this will be a much more appropriate purchase.

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