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Who was St. Valentine and what is the true meaning behind the 14th of February?

IIn Denmark, couples exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops, while in the Philippines weddings and promises to renew vows on a romantic day increase significantly. Couples gather in shopping malls and other public places to meet.

In South Africa, women literally wear their hearts on Valentine's Day on their sleeves, sticking the names of their love interests to their shirts.

China is celebrating its own version of Valentine's Day, Qiki, where young women of the heavenly king's daughter Zhinu make fruit sacrifices, hoping to find a perfect couple.

In Brazil they celebrate Dia dos Namorados, which will be translated as "Lovers & # 39; Day" on June 12 with music festivals and performances. In Argentina they celebrate their love for a week in July in the so-called "Sweetness Week".

Single on Valentine's Day and looking for love?

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