Who was that breathtaking beauty on the Oscars red carpet?

There weren’t many surprises at this year’s Oscars, and after last year’s slap in the face, luckily this time the most famous awards ceremony in the film world ended without a hitch.

By the way, the most interesting moments of which could be caught at the after-parties held at different locations during the procession and after the event. We have also welded a selection of the best women of the Oscars 2023…

…in connection with which the most asked question was who can be seen in the main picture of the article. Well, for those who weren’t overly distracted by the pictures, you might have noticed that precisely because of such questions, we also indicated who is shown in the given photo under each photo.

We don’t blame you if you didn’t notice this for some reason, let’s just say who the gorgeous lady is:

the bombshell’s name is Kara Del Toro, and it certainly won’t surprise us if we also reveal that she earns her living as a model.

The world first got to know his name when he slapped one of his female colleagues’ bottoms in a Carls Jr. commercial…

…and there was no stopping from there, his Instagram page gathered hundreds of thousands of followers in a few weeks. We show you some more spectacular pictures of the lady, which will surely raise your blood pressure a little:

By the way, Kara also appeared in a movie in mid-February, when At Midnight she jumped into the role of the bar girl in the movie. Although no one expects that the girl from Texas, who celebrated her thirtieth birthday this August, will break into Hollywood, but we could always imagine her in minor roles, if a scene needs to be spiced up with something.

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