VICKI Archer, a presenter at BBC Radio Shropshire, died at the age of 41.
But what brought her to death and who is her husband? – here is what we know …
BBC Radio Shropshire Vicki with her co-host on Radio Shropshire, Adam GreenWho was Vicki Archer?
Vicki has been presenting the BBC Radio Shropshire Show since 2010.
She worked with co-host Adam Green and also had a commercial radio career as a voice-over artist and event host.
She also gave voiceOver for brands, award ceremonies, festivals and charity events, according to her website.

Vicki's cause of death is unknown
Twitter Your Family Asked for PrivacyWhat was Vicki Archer's cause of death?
Vicki Archer's cause of death is currently unknown, but she posted it on the morning of her death Tweets to say that she was home alone.
She wrote: "HELP PLEASE Children are 5 days on vacation. #Homealone Suggestions?
"Every morning and evening free, so adventurous, exciting, different, indulgent, or simply gorgeous, this morning after the speech I'm standing in front of the door, I do not know, cross boxing, dance and hip-hop, ha ha."
The news of her sudden death was broken shortly after 3pm on today's show by breakfast moderator Eric Smith.
David Jennings, head of BBC regional programs for the West Midlands, said the local station was "heartbroken" and described them as "big journalists".
He said, "We are heartbroken at Vicki's death, everyone here in Radio Shropshire respected her as a great presenter and journalist.
"We loved the fun she brought to her shows and the station.
"Her loss leaves a great void, our thoughts are with her family during this sad time."
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Who was Vicki Archer's husband?
Vicki kept her privacy relatively reluctant, so not much is known about her husband.
"Vicki was a very beloved daughter and mother, and also an extremely talented broadcaster," the Archer family said in a statement.
"We are still dealing with their tragic loss and would ask that people respect our privacy and leave us alone to mourn as a family."


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