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Who will Alain Juppé leave his chair until 2020?

The armchair is big and one wonders who will occupy it. The surprise announcement of the appointment of Alain Juppé to the Constitutional Council revives the little game of riddles.

And the first is simple. Who to succeed him until the next municipal? The current mayor has so far silenced the issues by maintaining suspense about his possible bid for re-election.

The hard core of his support, at the forefront of which Ludovic Martinez his chief of staff and Nicolas Florian his deputy finance, had founded last June "Spirit Bordeaux", an association to support his candidacy. And if he had not initiated this step, he had in any case left to do. Alain Juppe announces today that he has made the decision, "
many months ago ", not to " to represent in the municipal election of March 2020 ". An announcement that he did not intend to do only "
the day after the European elections at the end of May. "

His appointment to the Constitutional Council accelerates things since he announces that he "Prepares to leave his
functions of mayor and president of the Bordeaux metropolis … " A surprise for everyone. "This decision was in any case absolutely secret since even its closest advisers were not aware of it. The question now is whether we are going to have a transitional mayor waiting for a possible parachuting or whether the interim future will also race for the next municipal elections. One thing is certain, Alain Juppé will control things very closely and will take full advantage of the effect of surprise and even amazement that produces this announcement, analysis Jean Petaux political scientist and teacher at SciencePO Bordeaux.

Calmels weakened

Who, then, to occupy the chair of the mayor for twelve months? In 2004, when Alain Juppé had to give up his chair, the candidacy of Hugues Martin his faithful first assistant had not been questioned by anyone. The situation is much less simple even if it is not linked to the political context since Alain Juppé has long been able to govern with his centrist allies.

Virginie Calmels, her first assistant, would be a logical candidate but she is nevertheless in a fragile position. She was once presented as her dauphine but her links with Alain Juppé were distended. And especially the assistant "in charge of the economy, employment and sustainable growth", quite discreet at the moment at the town hall, has difficult relations with much of the city council. They are also, as reported regularly the newspaper "Sud Ouest", execrable with Ludovic Martinez.

Soft transition

Unless Alain Juppé encourages a smoother transition with more consensual personalities. It could be Nicolas Florian, who often asserts "Everything to Alain Juppé" and who holds the purse strings has all the confidence of the mayor. Or even his loyal grognard Jean-Louis David in charge of urban life and the coordination of local politics.

He could also bet on youth with Fabien Robert, often cited as exemplary assistant for culture and heritage. As for the presidency of the Metropolis dominated by the Community of Future group, it could return to a consensual mayor, as Patrick Bobet at the head of the mayor of Bouscat. No doubt Alain Juppé could let his intentions filter out tomorrow Thursday at a press conference at which he must specify the reasons " Of his choice.

Frank Niedercorn

Corresponding to Bordeaux


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