Who will be Jan Schlaudraff's new boss at Hannover 96?


Who is the boss? Of course, Martin Kind. Jan Schlaudraff will agree with the professional boss in the coming weeks, as far as the next steps are concerned. That's how long Schlaudraff switches and works. Its direct superior is to be presented in May: a heavyweight, but not of the generation Reiner Calmund.

Which contracts expire in the summer? The contract terms of the players of Hannover 96

Kevin Akpoguma (in the team since 2019): contract expires at the end of the season (Borrowed)


The candidates

The multi-site recommended candidate Markus Krösche (38) is now so much praised for his work in Paderborn that other clubs are interested. Krösche is Ricklinger, he moved as a teenager to Werder Bremen. In Paderborn he became a record player and promotion manager and is currently the sports director of a promotion candidate. In short: Krösche is on the management market in about what Marco Rose on the coach market is: hot commodity, but would cost the transfer fee. Martin Kind has confirmed interest.

Just like Dietmar Beiersdorfer (55), who is free at the time – and the most experienced executive candidate. From 2002 he was sports director, at HSV, head of the Red Bull football system and sports director in St. Petersburg. With him something could be moved in Hanover.

Or will it? Jonas Boldt (37), the foster son of Rudi Völler, who is said to have discovered the warrior Arturo Vidal for Leverkusen. Boldt will officially stop in Leverkusen on July 1st. All three candidates have a degree in economics.

The result of our survey: These players should leave Hannover 96

Uffe Bech: Should go: 69.5 percent; may stay: 30.5 percent.


The result of our poll: These players should stay with Hannover 96

Waldemar Anton: May stay: 84.2 percent; should go: 15.8 percent.



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